Young Enterprise Business Launches


The Nautilus Project Team has been approached by various groups from The Young Business Enterprise.

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EcoVibe are a Young Enterprise company run by students from Westside and Bayside. Their aim is to normalise the concept of recycling starting from a young age. Their “Small Book with a Big Message” has been put together with the vision of developing a positive, fun and motivating ethos on recycling.


Versatile have launched a ‘Wallet Water Bottle’ made of a BPA free, type 5 PP Plastic which ensures that no harmful industrial chemicals get leached into your beverages and into our environment! They hope to encourage people to re-use bottles and hence contribute to the community in an eco-friendly way.


Eco-Start have produced an array of biodegradable reusable shopping bags to encourage consumers to refuse single use plastic bags. Their slogan: #BagsThatDontCostTheEarth


Versatile – A great afternoon for the Versatile team as we had the chance to meet with Lewis and Melanie from The Nautilus Project which aims to improve awareness of Gibraltar’s marine environmental issues while also providing a fun, accessible and interactive learning experience


EcoVibe – We had the amazing opportunity to meet up with The Nautilus Project. We discussed the main message behind our product ‘Adventures of the Ecopals’ and the effects that pollution has on the environment, in particular the immense amount of plastic that washes up on the beaches of Gibraltar. We highly appreciate the opportunities that they provided us, helping us to further spread our message about the vitality behind recycling. We can’t wait to work with them in the future. The amount of work they put into cleaning up the environment inspires us!


TNP are absolutely thrilled to see our youth come up with these fantastic sustainable products. They are very excited having being approached by the different teams and at the prospect of working together. “An absolute honor”