Girls in Tech last week held their Women in Tech Stories event, casting a spotlight on some amazing female professionals in tech for a TED-style ‘lightning talk’. They spoke about the twists and turns of their careers, greatest challenges, accomplishments and lessons they took along the way.
When women support each other, incredible things happen!

Chelsea Heskings-Hallam, Product Operations Manager at William Hill
Communication, pace and adaptable to change- 3 of the qualities I strive to be consistently.
My background is within analysis- having been a business analyst from many years, across food retail, ecommerce and now gaming which supports my past studies within organisational psychology.
I am currently the behind the scenes member of William Hill’s Digital Product team and am working to drive Product, Delivery and Tech together to not only put out products at a pace customers expect but also to delight and surprise them. I ensure the process runs smoothly and continuously improves as well as consolidating approaches to planning, roadmaps, communication and defining what great looks like and how we can get there.
One of my greatest’s passions is supporting and cheering people on in their careers and development and I will always make the time to mentor anyone or just grab a coffee and be a sound board.
No any 2 days of mine looks the same and I generally pop up across our building ensuring that everyone feels invested in our product and our partners in Tech have a voice around the table.
Presentation Summary:
Chelsea’s topic was all around low points. She covered low points in her career and why they should be talked about and celebrated, and aren’t something to be ashamed of.

Lucy Neilson, Head of User Experience at Lottoland
Lucy Neilson is currently Head of User Experience at Lottoland, balancing user and business needs on a daily basis, to achieve products which really work. Throughout her career, she’s been totally customer focussed. Coming from the banking crisis with Northern Rock, to working with Virgin (one of THE biggest brands in the world), then to the world of banking startups at the peak of FinTech madness with Atom Bank, into the Gaming industry here in Gibraltar, it’s been a wild ride with some good stories. Lucy is now often found mentoring and coaching, with a coffee in her hand, scribbling on whiteboards or going post-it note crazy.
Presentation Summary:
Lucy’s journey from customer service to…well…customer service. From boring banking to fast paced startups to gaming – how being told no was the start of her love of her job.

Johanna Andersson, Project Manager at GIG
Johanna is an enthusiastic project manager with over four years of experience within the iGaming sector, which includes team lead, marketing and VIP management.
She began her iGaming career at Alea in 2015 as a customer service agent, before quickly progressing to a customer support team lead, followed by a VIP manager.
In 2017, Johanna joined GiG as a marketing coordinator, where she assisted with customer journey analysis, planning & execution of marketing campaigns and all marketing communications. She then moved to the product side of the business as a product specialist and was promoted to project manager in 2018, where her excellent planning and organisation skills are key to ensuring that clients expectations and deadlines are met.
In her spare time Johanna enjoys cooking, yoga, meditating and socialising with friends. In work, it is her mission to become the best version of herself so that she can achieve her long-term career goals.
Johanna is looking forward to sharing her experience with Girls in Tech in the hope of inspiring and encouraging women that have a passion for tech to be confident and grab every opportunity with both hands.
Presentation Summary:

In her speech, Johanna shared her story about the present and a little bit of her past. How the past reflected into her reality now, what choices she made to sacrifice to achieve her goals, how positivity makes everything possible together with love. As she is still a young woman, she wanted to focus on what she has experienced since she took her first step into the industry until today and how she looks at the future of equality and diversity.

Nina Pettersson, Managing Director at Playtech BGT Sports
Nina Pettersson joined Playtech from Baxter Healthcare in 2017 and has a strong software project management background with experiences from several large multinational companies, such as Baxter, Sony Mobile and Microsoft. She is a Master of Science in both Computer Science and Mathematics and has long and solid knowledge from running large and complex projects in a global environment with distributed teams. Nina has experiences from the entire product life cycle and different domains, such as Telecom, MedTech, and IT.
As Managing Director for Playtech BGT Sports Malmö/Kyiv, Nina is leads the Digital Division that provides the online sports betting solutions. Nina shows great passion for strategic management and she strongly believes that communication and transparency is key to good leadership.
Presentation Summary:
Nina told her story – in her own way. Ups and downs, and the difficulties and challenges of being a female leader in a male-dominated industry and world.