WINTER WARMERS – The right coat for you


2018 is here, and in the fashion world a new year means new trends, ready to be welcomed in with open arms! I’m sure many of you have had a few of those “new year, new me” pep talks with yourselves in the last couple of weeks. With a resurgence of energy for every new year, we gear ourselves up for promises of self-improvement and better habits. But how about a brand new coat to kick it all off?

The coat is, without a doubt, the focal point of the winter wardrobe; it’s the item we expect the most longevity from, but it’s also the one we’ll wear most often. To be quite honest, I’ve spent my entire life dreading the day, come October or November, I would finally have to buy a coat in anticipation of the impending winter season. I always found it a nuisance; nothing but a boring expense, but also a necessity, which in true blind consumerist form, naturally makes it less exciting than buying a bunch of dresses and shoes just because I feel like it. Year in year out, I’d buy the same old Zara double-breasted buttoned coat, and move on, spending the rest of the winter moaning about the cold or how I had no coat to match certain looks.

A coat can often be the purchase that takes us out of our budget, and if you think about it, that does make sense. Essentially, coats have two main roles, functionality and aesthetics: we want them to look good but they also need to do the job of keeping us warm. Aside from these two tasks, however, we also need them to be comfortable, appropriate enough to transcend occasion, not too stuffy, in order to accommodate for autumnal layers, as well as having the ability of complementing any outfit. That’s a lot of pressure for just one piece of clothing; I guess the heavy price tag is fair enough! Along with a great pair of jeans or boots, a good coat can truly become a staple piece in our wardrobes that can last us a lifetime.

In Gibraltar, I find the coat-buying process all the more tricky. If you live in London, you know you can just go for the thickest, warmest, most weather-proof option (sometimes style has to come second, people), but in Gib, we teeter on that fine line, weather-wise, between risking something that is simply overbearing, or on the flipside, maybe just right for daytime but not quite cutting it for the evening chill. It’s an underrated struggle for sure, but once you get it right… in my adulthood, buying the perfect coat has become one of my biggest triumphs.

Take a look at some of the biggest trends in the world of coats for 2018:


The fashion world’s obsession with the puffer jacket isn’t going anywhere this year. Metallic styles in particular seem to be all the rage this winter; I must say it’s not something I would have usually opted for, but they definitely do add a super cool edge to any outfit. You could be wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a simple sweatshirt and some Vans, and a metallic puffer jacket will elevate your otherwise simple look to the next level. It’s definitely on my purchase list this winter. Also, if you’re planning on hitting the slopes in the very near future, you’ll be pleased to know that puffer jackets are extremely ski-chic this season.

Teddy coats

Teddy coats; the name pretty much gives it away, are the cosier of options, and were around for the better part of last year too! I invested in one back in October, and I’ve never looked back since! Mine is short and shaggy, and perfectly complements any feminine dress and boots pairing, while also making a casual mom jeans and tee outfit look all the more cool and relaxed. If you want to feel like you’re being hugged by a fluffy cloud, get yourself a teddy coat right now.

0101Faux fur coats

My love for faux fur coats is relentless and undying, there’s no question! They’re one of the most versatile options out there, because as much as they can be worn with any informal outfit and still look effortlessly stylish, they can equally be worn with the most elegant of dresses for a fancier affair, and look super glam! There are so many different styles, textures and colours on offer at the moment. Everyone needs a faux fur coat in their wardrobe!


Moving on swiftly from the ever-popular checked blazers, which were all the rage in the transitioning autumn months, longline checked coats have hit the shelves and caused quite a ruckus. I love them because they provide that hard-to-find balance between sophistication and cool. Rarely can a coat tick both ‘office-appropriate’ and ‘trendy’ boxes, but if there’s one that’s going to do it, it’s definitely a checked coat.

Aviator Coats

The aviator coat trend has got off to a flying start. These were huge a few years back, and then slowly phased out to be replaced by moto and military-style jackets. But hooray! They’re back with a vengeance, and looking cooler than ever. Who doesn’t love a good faux sheepskin lined jacket? I plan on getting my hands on one very soon on Vest Home homepage

It doesn’t just stop there. From trench coats and biker jackets, to longline vinyl jackets, there are so many fantastic and stylish options on the high-street this season. And the great thing about coats is that they can often be totally unisex; let’s face it, most of the time, the boys’ section has better (and cheaper) stuff than the ladies’. Now may be the right time to take advantage of those post-Christmas sales, and make a positive investment in your coat collection.