You can’t go wrong with the classics, and a plain white T-shirt tops the list of tried and true wardrobe staples. White tees have remained firmly on the scene since the days of James Dean and Marlon Brando, but let’s not forget about a more recent resurgence. I’m sure you all remember the infamous Gucci white tee that made an appearance on every blogger and celeb’s Instagram a couple of years back; a cultural obsession which no doubt helped propel the white tee to even greater levels of superstardom.

Finding the perfect one may sound like a fairly simple task, but one that ticks all the boxes too, from fit to comfort, can actually be quite a feat. After all, the more minimal something is, the more its flaws are able to shine through. It may not exactly be an exciting item to purchase, but whether paired under a silky slip dress, with a sharp suit, or even with your favourite jeans, there’s no denying that a white T-shirt is one of the most versatile items out there. It possesses a powerful neutralising capability; with a propensity to temper louder pieces like nothing else can.

Organic crew neck tee in white, Mango, £6.99


Arguably one of the most crucial elements to consider when looking for a perfect tee, especially in our current climate, is fabric. Most white T-shirts – especially amongst our most-frequented high-street stores – are made out of cotton, or a fabric blended with cotton. It’s important to remember that not all cotton is created equal, and it’s definitely essential that we do our research and become well informed, in order to make the best possible decisions going forward. Some of our favourite retailers are making waves in their efforts to more sustainable business practices. H&M, as an example, is fully committed to an eco-friendly future, and has pledged to use only recycled and sustainable materials by 2030. Even now, they take in old clothes for recycling at any of their stores (in exchange for store credit!), and they also have a popular Conscious range, which boasts a huge selection of organic clothing.

They have remained firmly on the scene since the days of James Dean and Marlon Brando.

Mom jeans in washed black, Topshop, £40.00


White tees don’t have to be boxy and boring. Apart from finding the perfect fit, the rest is all about styling. During the impending tricky period between summer and autumn, when you’re finally ready to ditch the summer mini dresses at long last, I find a tee is a perfect choice as it acts as an ideal layering device, and can be worn with basically any trouser/culotte. While a white tee may seemingly be an overtly casual choice, you’ll find that it really doesn’t take all that much to dress one up and create an effortlessly stylish look. The options are limitless; consider wearing one under a slinky mini slip dress and rolling up the sleeves, and finishing the whole look off with some dainty jewellery and strappy heels. On the other end of the spectrum, you could also opt for a cropped version to pair with high-waisted jeans, or even tie a knot for a more feminine twist. I personally love wearing a plain tee tucked into some black skinny jeans, and then pairing it with some chunky boots or eye-catching trainers.

Let’s also not forget that a white tee is aptly appropriate for the upcoming National Day celebrations. Regardless of social distancing and a lack of events this year, the dress code remains the same, and a white tee is an easy go-to if you’re not in the headspace to think or care about an exciting outfit.


While a basic like your favourite white tee may cut it for casualwear, making that shift into the office can feel somewhat trickier. But as the cool-girl alternative to a crisp shirt, pairing a plain white tee with a blazer and tailored trousers is a contemporary take on suiting that is becoming more and more popular these days. Tailored additions bring structure and refinement to any outfit, whereas a T-shirt helps to bring the whole thing down a notch and create a perfect balance. The best part is that you can opt for both trainers or heels, depending on personal preference or dress code.


Accessories are a failsafe way to add an injection of personality to any outfit, so consider pairing a plain tee with a pair of bold statement earrings or cool layered chains for a more put-together vibe.

Another personal fave, the white trainer trend burst onto the scene quite a few years back, and even though there have been various colour trends that have emerged since, our affinity for the classic white is showing no signs of slowing down. It’s a classic combo; as long as you have a crisp white tee and a pair of white trainers in your sartorial armoury, the rest of the outfit really isn’t that important!