Kelly-Anne Borge, 29,
Broadcast Journalist at GBC
“I’m going to hug all my family and friends! I’m a big hugger so I’m really missing that human interaction… once that’s done, next plan of action will be planning a holiday!”


Stephanie Smith, 30,
Co-founder at Shieldmaidens Virtual Assistants
“I want to wear the new clothes I’ve bulk ordered from ASOS during lockdown, run outside to celebrate with all the strangers I’ve connected with by singing and dancing from our balconies for weeks, and drive away somewhere wonderful with friends belting out some tunes. I want to continue to appreciate the small things in life and putting community and mental health first. I also really, really, really, cannot wait to eat out!”


Tasmin Griffith, 28,
Executive assistant at Gibraltar Heritage Trust
& Radio Presenter
“The first thing I’ll be doing after lockdown is going clothes shopping for mini me. Babies grow fast and we’ve ran out of trousers we can make into shorts!”


Paul Coelho, 31,
Civil Servant
“The first thing I’m going to do post-lockdown will be arranging with all my friends to meet and have a massive BBQ in the sunshine whilst enjoying plenty of ice cold beers. I will be pushing for all phones to be locked away so we can finally enjoy each others’ company and sharing our very own ‘Tales of the Lockdown’.”


Christopher Kelly, 32,
Compliance Officer at QIC Global
“I’m looking forward to getting back to the stables. I have missed being able to go riding and I am sure the horses have missed all the attention they normally receive. This time of year is perfect for hacks along the beach. I also can’t wait to get back to sailing. Being out on the water is very freeing and I imagine it will feel even more so after being in lockdown.”

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