Rachel Goodman

Facilities & Projects Executive at the Bassadone Automotive Group / Personal Trainer at LVK Personal Training

“To say that 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement. As creatures of habit, we become entangled in the daily rat race that is work, hobbies, and other commitments. The past year has reminded me of how important it is to live and stay true to my values. Peace, freedom, compassion for others in the community and faith have all taken on a new importance for me. I have even learned to appreciate the daily rat race itself after it ceased to exist when things changed so drastically and suddenly. The chaos that Covid-19 inflicted on the world actually allowed me to ‘STOP’  and be grateful for all the things and all the people that I value in life.”

Mihaela Rusu

CRM Coordinator at 888

“What 2020 taught me was how comfortable I actually am with spending time by myself. I’m a very active and friendly person and most of the time I find myself in the presence of other people. All this quarantine period showed me that I’m pretty happy with spending time with myself and that sometimes a break from everything and everyone is much needed.”

Jayne Wink

Massage Therapist at the Gibraltar Orthopaedic and Medical Clinic

“I learned that I will forever have a sweet tooth, and it’s not going away. I learned that sometimes you have to accept feedback even if you don’t think it was fairly given. I learned that I’m drawn to others with the same type of passionate energy as me, and I learnt to say no.”

Sonia Patricia Golt

 Retired 5 years ago (and loving every minute!) 

“What have I learnt in 2020? Well first never to take things for granted, to have enough hobbies so lockdown or time spent at home can still be entertaining. To have a basic knowledge of social media to be able to keep in touch with family and friends at all times, especially in 2020. To appreciate what others have done for us, like the frontline workers and the Gibraltar Government… To be thankful for being alive!”

Deepak Ramchandani

Makeup artist at SM SERUYA

“Having my family, close friends and loved ones there for me always and how much I have missed them tremendously! To breathe and live again.”

Vanessa Saccone-Recagno

 Teacher – Student Services Coordinator at the Gibraltar College 

“That I hated being in lockdown! This surprised me because before lockdown I was always dreaming of having a few days off. I imagined myself catching up with housework, baking, watching Netflix… Careful what you wish for! The reality was that I longed to be out and about. I saw people on social media baking delicious looking cakes, decorating their homes and taking up all sorts of hobbies and all I could think of was getting back to routine. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed spending time with my husband and kids but I missed my job, my family and friends and ‘my normal’.”

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