Linaya Ocaña, 30,

Senior Company Administrator at GITCO

“I go to the beach as much as possible! If I get home early, I’ll pop down for a couple of hours. My favourite time is early morning or late at night when everyone’s leaving. One of my favourite things is napping on the beach – all I need is a towel and I’m happy.”


Sarah-Lee Baglietto, 20,

Student/Receptionist at TSN Law

“This year I’ve been going to the beach more. My beach must-haves are a pillow and a towel, because I always fall asleep to the sound of the waves!”



Phillip Vasquez, 28,

Associate at TSN LAW

“I never leave the house without my sunglasses. And when I’m allowed, I like to nick my cousins SUP board.”


Brenda Ocaña, 53,

Company Administrator at GITCO

“Most definitely The Gibraltar Magazine. I can’t get through the whole day without reading it! Any my bag of pipas to go with it.”

Fiona Neish,

Compliance Officer at GITCO

“My beach buddy, Dante! He loves it and never wants to leave. Dante really misses the beach with all the new restrictions.”

Nick Pitaluga, 51,

Managing Director at GITCO

“My beach essential is my wife – she’s the one that remembers to bring everything!”


Paul Grant, 34,

Associate Lawyer at TSN Law

“Apart from the usual – towels, sunblock etc. – a book. Most of my beach time is spent on my own, so I like to read. I’m the kind of person that always has 2 or 3 books on the go!”