Evan Wahnon, 25,
Director & Lunchtime Presenter at Rock Radio.
I replaced all my cosmetics with vegan and sustainable alternatives – shampoo and soap bars, deodorant, toothpaste… you name it, I have it! I also swapped my toothbrush and body brush for bamboo alternatives and I make my own all natural moisturiser and lip balm! I’ve tried filling the terrace with bee-friendly plants and flowers, but I have a habit of forgetting to water them… It’s the thought that counts, right?

The Rock Radio Monkey, 10 months,
Guardian of the Rock Radio Vault & Mischief Maker at Rock Radio.
I give away Rock Radio Forever Mugs to our listeners and turn off the lights and computers when everyone’s gone home… I compost all my banana skins and eat all the leftovers in the rock radio fridge… No point in wasting a good snack!

Carina Capurro, 25,
Weekend Presenter, Rock Radio.
I used to be a naysayer… but after going cold turkey I now only eat a plant-based diet. I changed everything I use from deodorant, cleaning products, makeup, shampoo & conditioner to vegan & sustainable products. We all have to do what we can for our planet, not just for us, but for our children and theirs!

Tony Reeder, 26,
Breakfast Show Presenter at Rock Radio.
I wash and store all my empty jars; I’ve got a shelf at home with around twenty jars that my Mrs keeps threatening to throw away! I plan to reuse them to create solar powered lights I can dot around the balcony. I’ll do that once I hang the picture the Mrs keeps reminding me to put up every 6 months…

Gianna Mercieca, 22,
Breakfast Show Presenter at Rock Radio.
I avoid using single-use plastic by bringing homemade food to work in a glass Tupperware. (Now I have no excuse to leave it at work as it’s the only one I own!) I also have reusable water bottles, shopping bags and a Rock Radio Forever Mug for my tea.