WEIRD & WONDERFUL – 90s trends are back


2017 succeeded in bringing us an onslaught of quirky and outlandish trends so far. Perhaps it’s the way that fashion is evolving; I’m sure many long-gone eras felt a little iffy about certain trends that may have appeared in their day, and are now iconic styles, which continue to be revisited time and time again. Funnily enough, most of the eccentric trends that have burst onto the scene this year, as with most trends, have emerged from years past; mostly the 80s and 90s. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can get behind some old trends that are given a new lease of life; 70s bohemian styles, and the offbeat disco styles of the 80s, but this year’s trends seem a little more strange than usual.

From figure-hugging corsets, to ankle shoe straps worn over trousers, we’ve really seen it all this year, and I’m truly looking forward to seeing what may appear next. They certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but one thing is for sure; they make fashion that little bit more fun and light-hearted. Take a look at just a few examples below, you never know; tracksuits and heels could be a big thing in 30 years’ time.

Purple Honey

90s sunglasses

Perhaps the most recent of all the trends; old school 90s style sunglasses. In recent years, we’ve seen larger styles such as aviators and cat-eye shapes dominate the high street, but this season, we’re taking it back a good 20 years to the 90s. If you need eyewear, ICU Eyewear online can be checked out! I remember when I used to rock these styles myself; very fashionable in their heyday, but now I look back and wonder what on earth I was thinking. They’re all the rage this season; a trend made popular by the likes of Kylie and Kendall Jenner. In fact, Kylie collaborated with cult eyewear brand, Quay, for a limited edition collection of sunglasses, which launched just over two weeks ago. I think they’re cool, but I’m still undecided.

90s Oval Metal Sunglasses In Gold ASOS £12
Jeepers Peepers Metal Diamond Sunglasses with Tinted Yellow Lens ASOS £18
Sarah Ashcroft Deep
Rose And Peach Cut
Out High Leg Swimsuit
Sarah Ashcroft Pink Cut Out Lace Up Crop Top IN THE STYLE £25


For so long, “sideboob” really stole the show in the clothing world, and “underboob” was pretty much considered a fashion faux pas; tacky, almost. But in recent months, the latter has taken centre stage to revel in its shining moment!

From sexy swimwear, to slinky dresses with strategically placed cut-outs, it looks like underboob silhouettes are here to stay for a good while!

Brixton Ashland Baker Boy Hat in Navy ASOS £40
Sacred Hawk Faux Suede Baker Boy Hat ASOS £20

Baker boy hats

Also dubbed the newsboy, page boy or cabbie hat; this is definitely one of my favourite trends of 2017. Once made popular by style icons such as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, and then the likes off Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in the 90s, it’s now the turn of modern-day supermodels, namely Bella Hadid, who have adopted this early 20th century ‘working class’ staple, and transformed it into a must-have accessory. These hats look fantastic on so many people and can elevate an otherwise simple outfit to something chic and stylish. Having said that, I’m not so sure that I can personally pull them off, so I’ll continue to admire them from a distance.

Lavish Alice Nude Chiffon Overlay Corset Crop Top ASOS £65
T-Shirt With Corset ASOS £12.50


No matter which season it may be, every once in a while, a new accessory enters the playing field and becomes an object of lust and also debate. This year, without a doubt, it’s been the corset. Ironically, corsets were a huge part of women’s wardrobes once upon a time but in 2017, they’ve been given a new lease of life. I’m convinced that this trend has burst onto the scene as a result of the obsession with bodycon silhouettes and waist trainers, primarily led by the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Rihanna; another trailblazer in the fashion world, and not one to pass up a quirky trend, has been spotted wearing a corset many a time too.

For the most part, they’re considered an accessory, and an interesting addition to a otherwise maybe plain outfit, but they can also been worn in lieu of a top. I honestly can’t get my head around this trend, from a styling perspective, but make no mistake about it, corset belts are one of the biggest styling trends this season.

adidas Originals Tnt Tape Pullover Hoodie In Yellow
ASOS £63

Trackies (and heels)

Brace yourselves, because the tracksuit is back! Sports luxe trends have been huge in general, over the past few years, but this year, it’s all about our old friend, the trackie, which was all the rage back in the early 2000s. I’m sure many of you were proud owners of those velvety baby blue/pink Juicy Couture-esque tracksuits. I shudder just thinking about them!

From the classics like Adidas, to high street favourites like Topshop, and even high-end designers such as Chloé and Gucci, there are so many brands that have incorporated the trackie into their recent collections.

Ellesse Tracksuit Top With Side
Pull Ties
ASOS £55

Now, I can deal with the re-emergence of the tracksuit, however, I am not sure how I feel about the heels and trackie combo, which, once again, has been made popular by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner (I think we’re starting to see a trend in and of itself here. Social media is a powerful thing!)

If you want to hop on this trend, but are aiming to keep it a little more wearable, pairing a funky trackie with military boots, or some cool trainers is sure to be a winner!

These are just the tip of the iceberg; the list truly does go on; from jelly sandals (given the seal of approval by Rihanna with her Fenty range) to fishnet tights pulled well above the waistline, and worn under denim shorts (eek). 2017 has proven to be an interesting year of peculiar and thought-provoking trends so far. As a lover and consumer of fashion, it’s safe to say that the industry wouldn’t be quite so interesting and exciting without them!