This year marks the 13th consecutive edition of The Wedding Dress Competition. Over the years it has managed to hold the attention of hundreds with their creative entertainment and the ever-beautiful group of brides this year was no exception.

This year’s competition had a total of 10 brides competing for the title at the Alameda Open Air Theatre, this year decorated for the occasion by Sweet Treats. The chosen winner was Zyra Jane Tobelem, who seemed to have won the hearts of those in the crowd from the very beginning of the show – their cheering could no doubt have been heard for miles! Louise-Anne Baitson was awarded 1st runner-up and Amanda Ramagge was awarded 2nd runner-up. The challenging task of picking the lucky three was bestowed upon the judges: Samantha Yeo, Sean Acris, Nicole Montovio, Noelle Lopez and Kimberly Bautista.

With fashion, entertainment, and dance routines, the night was a huge success, and further pushed the creative boundaries, raising the bar for the next year’s competition.

The brides took to the stage one by one: Katrina Avellano, John Byrne, Kyra Cerisola, Adrianne Sene, Amy Infante, Amy Jane Gavito and Kyrane Lia. Adnan Laoudy, the evening’s presenter, gave a short description of their wedding dress, a little backstory on the man of their dreams, and reminisced about the mishaps that each bride encountered on their wedding day – such as one of the bride’s venue catching on fire! Not sure how you could top that one. The lovely Rafa Anaya had the pleasure of ushering the brides carefully down the stairs and onto the stage.

The night began with an exquisite dance piece by William and Jacqueline Ignacio and after each group of brides took to the stage, an entertainment piece shortly followed. Urban Dance blew the crowd away with two contemporary dance pieces, ‘Lost Girls’ and ‘The Dawn’. We were also given a final glimpse of the Little Divas 2018 summer collection before they made way for their newest collection – Winter and Christmas 2018.

As part of a glamorous ending, the brides were once again brought onto the stage in the last showcase of their magnificent gowns. Accompanied by her daughter, the director/founder of the show, Bianca Zammit, handed the brides their prizes, assisted by the 2017 Wedding Dress Competition winner Elouise Asquez. During the evening, a raffle was also held for the audience to take part in.

It is thanks to Glamour Creations, a production company founded in 2003 by Bianca Zammit, that this competition was created and has flourished over the years. All the shows to date are non-governmental and non-profit events with the proceeds benefiting local charities.