For the first time, Year 6 pupils from Loreto School have interviewed the Chief Minister as part of the BBC’s School Report. As well as asking all the questions, the pupils arranged studio lighting in No6 and operated the two TV cameras. The resulting footage will now be sent to the BBC as part of this BBC project which involves young people aged 11 to 16 in news and current affairs and helps them to make and share their own stories. There are over 1,000 UK and international schools taking part including the Netherlands, Slovenia and Czech Republic.

Despite being nervous, the students felt they worked well as a team as Hannah Cabezutto, one of the students chosen from their work on journalistic writing, explained, ‘The six of us talked to each other to make sure that we didn’t all ask the Chief Minister the same questions.”

Everyone involved in the project felt it was a great success and Loreto School definitely hopes to develop it in future.

Mr Picardo was asked questions about the impact of Brexit on local business, on border fluidity, on scheduled routes from the airport, on the effect of Brexit for students going to university in UK and, finally, on Spanish threats to close the frontier.