u-mee introduces Talk+Go 

u-mee have announced the launch of Talk+Go, a local landline telephone number available for iOS/Android smartphones in conjunction with any data connection or service provider

u-mee’s Talk+Go customers now have access to a local landline telephone number on their iOS/Android smartphones, allowing them to make and receive calls anytime and anywhere, whilst connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (network data charges may apply) so they no longer need a local service plan in order to use a Gibraltar number on their mobile phones.

The u-mee Talk app was previously only available to u-mee fibre broadband subscribers, allowing them to take their main residential landline with them beyond the confines of their home. However, this new product is now available to anyone with a local address, allowing for extra lines for family members, for example. Talk+Go is particularly suited to users of mobile data plans, regardless of whether these utilise a local or an international SIM card (such as students with UK plans or customers with Spanish mobile data service).

Customers can retain their existing 200 landline number by transferring it to u-mee (typically saving £6 monthly line rental) or opt for a new 222 number – it is no longer necessary to maintain the cost of a physical landline just to keep a longstanding telephone number. Additionally, u-mee Talk+Go customers benefit from low-cost landline (as opposed to mobile) calling rates, including free calls to other u-mee residential and Sapphire business subscribers, when making and receiving calls wherever they are located in the world (avoiding roaming/international calling rates for themselves and/or another party calling from Gibraltar).

u-mee Talk+Go is available now at £2/month with an optional bundle of 500 monthly ‘anywhere’* minutes also available at £15. New customers automatically receive 100 free ‘anywhere’* minutes just for signing up.

*Terms and conditions apply – for more information on the u-mee Talk+Go service, visit u-mee.com

For press enquiries, please contact Daniela (dtanasuica@sapphire.gi or 22241005).