U-mee Announces Major Product Upgrades

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Gibraltar’s fastest Internet speeds and all apps included as standard for all customers, as well as the introduction of the territory’s first residential ‘symmetric’ broadband service.

u-mee Home and u-mee Plus bundles get significant upgrades, designed to keep pace with a fast-changing technological world by offering solutions that suit customers’ lifestyles and expectations. These features remain exclusive to u-mee and contribute to reinforcing the provider’s leading position in Gibraltar, in terms of performance, quality of services and value provided to customers.

New u-mee Home fibre broadband is 5x faster, with a speed increase from 100Mbps download/10Mbps upload to 500Mbps download / 50Mbps upload. This bundle also now includes the u-mee TV app for iOS/Android smartphones/tablets, 5x TV recordings in the cloud (previously 3x) and the Talk telephone app for iOS/Android smartphone(s). Customers can thus benefit from low-cost landline calling rates, including free calls to other u-mee residential and Sapphire business subscribers, when making and receiving calls wherever they are in the world (avoiding roaming/international calling rates for themselves and/or another party calling from Gibraltar), whilst benefiting from a local number that is compatible with any SIM or data plan, including from outside Gibraltar.

u-mee Plus exclusively offers Gibraltar’s first ‘symmetric’ residential Internet connection – with speeds increased from 300Mbps download / 30Mbps upload to 500Mbps download / 500Mbps upload, particularly suitable to power-users and for families who upload videos to social media platforms or use cloud backup service(s).

u-mee Plus customers also benefit from TV+Go for 5x users/devices (using iOS/Android smartphones/tablets to watch TV when out-and-about and connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data), 50x cloud TV recordings (previously 10x), 4x additional Talk telephone lines with local numbers (5 in total when combined with main landline) to use with iOS/Android smartphone(s), as well as 500 shared ‘anywhere’ minutes to call any local or international destination. u-mee Plus customers also receive a free upgrade to the fastest u-mee Premium fibre router, with enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities.

u-mee Home is now available for £49/month and u-mee Plus for £69/month – new Home and Plus customers who register by 31/8/2019 can benefit from a special offer, consisting of a free u-mee Starter Pack (normally £95), as well as free installation (normally £225).

Existing u-mee Fibre customers have been offered early upgrade incentives to rewarding them for their loyalty – all customers will be upgraded within 12 months meaning that all u-mee customers will enjoy a minimum of 500Mbps broadband and all the popular u-mee apps that were previously only included with the premium Plus product.

Terms and conditions apply – for more information on the u-mee Home and Plus upgrades, visit u-mee.com

For press enquiries, please contact Daniela (dtanasuica@sapphire.gi or 22241005).

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