The Ministry of Equality wishes to remind the community that the Gibraltar International Magic Festival once again makes provision of a sensory performance this year. This performance is scheduled to commence at 6pm on Friday 30 November and is now a well-established performance opportunity within the Gibraltar International Magic Show programme.

The various adaptations are as originally announced in October 2017 when this initiative was first introduced as a result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Equality and GibMedia Director Jordan Lopez following his participation of Mr Jordan in the awareness seminar organized by the Department of Equality titled “Making Public Events Accessible” delivered by Attitude is Everything and as such was inspired to make the event inclusive of people with disabilities.

The following is a brief of available adaptations:
• Shortening of the event from 2 hours to 1.

• Patrons having the opportunity of visiting the theatre as from 1pm for familiarisation and to request to reserve specific seats if required.

• The availability of “Buffer seats” between groups to ensure that there is enough personal space.

• Perimeter lights and floor lights on during the performance.

• No flashing lights or strobes.

• Soft colour light changes.

• No black outs.

• No smoke or haze.

• Provision of a quiet “safe haven/chill-out space” outside the auditorium for patrons who might become overstimulated and need to take a break.

• Performance under a judgment-free environment where patrons could feel free to vocalise and/or move around the theatre if needed. This permitted throughout the auditorium except on stage for health and safety reasons.

The Minister for Equality, the Hon. Samantha Sacramento MP said: “The Gibraltar International Magic Festival, has been held annually for a number of years and in 2017 we saw the introduction of a sensory performance to which was very successful and almost 100 people attended. Sales have already increased and 130 tickets have already been sold for this year’s sensory performance. Numbers therefore speak for themselves.
This is an enhancement to a community event as a direct result of my Ministry’s ‘Equality Means Business’ series of seminars. I can only add that it is always extremely gratifying when initiatives are so well received. It does us proud as a community to know that such popular events in Gibraltar’s annual social calendar are inclusive for everyone in our community”.

GibMedia Director Jordan Lopez said: “For me it is imperative that we continue advocating for inclusivity, It is our duty to open up all our cultural events to everyone in the community, Last year it was very gratifying to be told how wonderful the experience had been for patrons who had previously not been able to attend”.