Together Gibraltar Abortion Referendum Result

The membership of the Together Gibraltar movement has voted in favour of campaigning for a consultative referendum on the issue of abortion. 82% of the membership voted in favour of the motion and 18% voted against. We will be engaging with other social actors and all sectors of civil society in this pursuit. The movement is preparing petitions that we will distribute to collate signatures from the wider community in support of a consultative referendum.

We would like to remind the public that engaging the community in political decision making is at the core of our mission, as we believe that bridging the gap between people and power is the best cure for disenfranchisement and populism. A consultative referendum will also create a very healthy precedent of organised civil society having an impact on the political debate.

Regarding the issue of abortion, many members of Together Gibraltar have already expressed their support for pro-choice reproductive legislation, however, our pledge to always be open and democratic overrides other agendas. We also believe that change in such a sensitive issue would benefit from a wide social consensus and that this consensus can be better achieved via open, respectful dialogue of the type that a consultative referendum campaign would generate.

We invite the opposition party, who have already expressed the support of a hypothetical referendum on this issue to join us in this campaign to bring Gibraltar in line with 21st-century western thinking.

We will inform the public of how, where and when to sign the petition, and will be launching an informative media campaign shortly.