The Nautilus Project’s Voluntary School Science Programme

The Nautilus Project were invited to Bayside School this week to deliver a talk to Year 9 students working towards the CREST bronze award.

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TNP are thrilled at the opportunity of helping these pupils with their projects and to have had The Mayor Of Gibraltar attend the presentation.

Throughout the course of this term,  Y9 students will be given the opportunity to work through the CREST Bronze Award. This well-regarded scheme is accredited by the British Science Association. It is a high quality programme that offers a tangible recognition of success and enables students to develop skills which they can then apply to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.


Students will be presented with a challenge which will require research, practical work, problem-solving and teamwork. Working through the set challenge will culminate in a project that will be assessed to ascertain whether certain criteria have been met in order to earn the Bronze Award.


The project this time will focus on plastics, their properties, uses and environmental impact. They will  need to develop a product that will help reduce the use to plastics or amount of plastics disposed in landfills/oceans (making biodegradable plastics from milk protein, or making products from plastics that they can reuse etc).