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If there is one thing business leaders can be certain of its uncertainty. The world is continuously changing and businesses are constantly having to adapt to new ways of working.

The rate of change may seem unmanageable, but it is the magic of HR that will enable businesses to achieve the impossible. Whether that is in delivering performance through people, or in ensuring the workforce is agile and adaptable enough to navigate the changing environment.

In such a fast-moving world, HR needs to empower leaders, anticipate the future and inspire an entire workforce in order to allow for successful transformations. With the global landscape changing, the biggest shift that a company can make is to become a people centric company, where their people are first.

People-focused businesses profit through people instead of from them. By fostering the proactive involvement of all the people critical to an organization’s success — customers, employees, distribution partners, suppliers, communities, etc. – and by consistently acting with integrity by delivering their promises, these people-focused companies outperform their competitors and create a more prosperous, engaged society.

People are the magic in a business.

With so many facets of the business vying for your company’s valuable time, from compliance imperatives to containing costs, it’s more important than ever to focus on enhancing your organization’s culture and creating a workplace in which people want to work and grow. However, being an employer of choice that attracts and retains industry all-stars can be difficult and stands to impact far more than just recruiting.

The importance of establishing and nurturing a people-focused culture is ever-increasing, and HR has to take the lead in bringing forward a more person-focused approach to the employee experience in the workplace. Lack of employee engagement remains the top issue that affects the bottom line. If we could wave a magic wand this is what we would make employers do.

Great Culture = Great Talent


Build partnerships

Focus on creating sustainable, long-term profitability and return for shareholders based on having strong connections with loyal customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors and communities. Value your people and continually seek out new ways to “wow” customers and attract talent and partners.

Build trust

Share a clear sense of mission of what the organization stands for in terms of its brand and culture, as well as a commitment to keeping promises. Strategically focus on achieving goals by fostering the proactive involvement of everyone critical to success, and demonstrate integrity by consistently walking your talk. Trust will be built through your company’s follow through of actions and not its intentions.

Build a brand

Establish clear goals and share with your employees, clients, partners and stakeholders. There’s a general understanding of where the organization is headed and how its community contributes and benefits, building a brand that unites all of their people with a common understanding of the value proposition and promises.

Power of people

Invest in capability, continually work to make sure everyone is able to do what is asked of them through effective learning and development strategies. Spending money on training even through the bad times ensures employees are equipped with a toolbox to deliver their roles to the best of their ability, this adding to the bottom line. Having a micro markets food service to provide a place where employees can purchase food and beverages without having to leave their workstation can also improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity.

Be open-minded

Inspire collaboration and innovation so everyone in every team is inspired to look out for new ideas, opportunities, new products or ways to improve service or cut costs.

Show appreciation

Create a sense that what “I’m doing has purpose”, honour the importance of every task – even entry-level people or others with tough jobs feel a sense of task value, because they understand how doing even so-called “menial & processed” jobs well are critical to a smooth-functioning, profitable organization.

Support a greater cause

Support their communities. Understand that one way to inspire people, have fun and create an emotional bond is to bring people together to work on a cause that helps people – the most natural form of team-building.

Engage with your people

Monitor and measure results and track engagement to make sure that managers are fostering positive workplaces and customer experiences, and that people are able and willing to do what is asked of them.

Reward feedback

Foster two-way communication to uncover ways to improve or address problems and to give meaningful suggestions on how to better the performance of themselves, others and/or the business. People-focused organizations are better to do business with and are more gratifying to work for.

A Thriving Workplace Culture is the Best Trick

Research shows, time and again, that organizations with a thriving workplace culture tend to grow significantly faster than peers, and the “best” companies that we study year after year offer valuable lessons on building an organizational strategy that puts employees at the centre such as Apple, Google & Facebook.

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