The Views are a four piece rock band, formed by local musicians around 5 years ago. The band is fronted by IT Officer Shawn Cabezutto, no stranger to the scene of local music. Shawn began his music career in rap, and his wide interest in music led to him fronting the popular local band Hamburger Thieves.

Nigel Canepa, also an ex member of Hamburger Thieves, plays the guitar for The Views. He is an English teacher at Bayside school, widely inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix and other funk guitarists. The Views was formed while Nigel was at University, and he would often return to Gibraltar to play gigs.

Gerry Martinez keeps time in the band. He is a Police Sergeant who has played in a number of local bands, including the legendary All The Answers. Gerry was trained by the Royal Army School of Music as a percussionist.

“They were the first band on the main stage at Gibraltar Calling 2019.”

Zac Parkin is the newcomer to the band. An 18-year-old bassist, Zac will soon be departing to the UK to study Physics.

The band formed from the ashes of Hamburger Thieves, a popular punk band from around 2009. The Views is an amalgamation of old friends coming together to play music they enjoy, from a variety of styles within the rock genre.

In the early days of The Views, the band played predominantly pop punk covers, covering bands such as Blink 182, Bowling for Soup and New Found Glory. Having formed his own projects in London, Nigel brought his own genre influences into the band, and the four lads saw themselves playing more technical covers from bands such as Kula Shaker. Recently, the band released an EP of original music which has been well received and cemented the band within the rock genre.

The band has played countless charity events around the Rock, and was the first band on the main stage at Gibraltar Calling 2019. The band frequently visits radio stations in Spain and play their original music on air.

Their latest EP, Rebirth, is not set in any particular genre, but explores a range of genres. “Mugshot” is a hard rock track with heavy riffs and raw vocals. “Mugshot” is often considered a southern rock track for its ‘cowboy’ feel. “By My Side” is a rock ballad where the sole focus is on the voice. “Dark December”, possibly the best received song from the EP, is a heavy rock track with an interesting rhythm and lyrics that tell a story. “Same Mistakes” is an acoustic rock track that breaks all the rules of songwriting. It is written as a narrative that tells a story, and does not conform to the typical restraints of song writing. The EP also features a remix of “Mugshot” by local DJ Ian Russo. The EP was recorded at GibAudio studios, within the Rock on the Rock establishment. It was produced by Martin Winterstein-Smith and features a local legend on bass, Julio Valerga.

The band are currently promoting Rebirth and can’t wait to host a launch party when COVID restrictions lift. Shawn and Nigel continue to write songs for the band with the aim of entering the studio for a second EP soon!

Follow the band on Facebook (‘The Views’) and Instagram (@theviewsgib), and listen to the EP ‘Rebirth’ on all streaming platforms, including YouTube.

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