The Nautilus Project’s Wish List for the 2019 Upcoming Elections

  • Rosia Bay Restoration – in keeping with the historical importance and heritage value of the site.
  • Rosia Bay Protected Marine Reserve – preservation of endangered species that inhabit this basin.
  • Bunkering – implementation of a minimum bunkering distance of vessels from our shore.
  • All points on Climate Coalition petition – to  urgently address Gibraltar’s Carbon responsibilities in order to meet its declared Climate Emergency Pledge. Action on Pollution / Waste / Energy / Transport & Development.
  • No biodegradable/compostable plant derived plastic – scientific evidence does not support the sustainability of these products to date.
  • An end to all unnecessary single use plastic – complete transition to sustainable products.
  • Sustainable resurfacing of the beach parks – the current rubber material breaks down and ends up in the sea.
  • Revision of Duty on sustainable goods – helping local businesses to make an easier switch to eco-friendly products.
  • Recycling bins placed along Main Street, all side streets and backstreets – encouraging people to make use of them and not placing their rubbish in the normal bins available which end up in landfill.
  • Re-Introduction of sea grasses – local carbon sequestration initiative plus aiding of sea horses habitat.
  • Protection of Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna  – within the nature protection act – only catch, tag and release.
  • Government backed Reverse Vending Scheme – encouraging the reduction of general waste.
  • Boat Shuttle Service – available from the North Mole to all the beaches avoiding traffic congestion and parking issues.
  • Better Enforcement of the nature protection act at sea
  • Deadline for Sewage Treatment Plant – Gibraltar needs this urgently.