Life’s full of choices: the easiest choice is to simply ‘get on with it’. We call it social conditioning – a bit like ‘follow the leader’ – where you live your life coming off the conveyor belt as your upbringing dictates. But there is another route. Kenneth Castiel made important lifestyle changes and has continued down that chosen path… to the present!

He calls it, ‘living life through the power of purpose’ and in his first publication, The Hero and the Villain Within, describes how there is a way to create a successful life financially, physically and psychologically. “Our social conditioning is well-meaning, taught to us by parents, school teachers and others, where we’re forced to participate in a collective fiction which often leads to a sense of limitation and fear, and this is passed down from generation to generation.” Through this conditioning of inherited values, Kenneth assures, we make agreements with ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of achieving whether or not we are worthy.




Kenneth Castiel

The Hero and the Villain Within takes you on a profound and meaningful mind-check, on a journey which prompts you to take a real, honest look at your life and the lifestyle we are ‘meant’ to follow because it’s just the way it is. My siblings and my friends Tom, Peter, Joanne and Giselle and my Uncle Jose and all of those around me live through these conventional terms, so it’s the norm, and that’s how it goes! But freedom is what the author suggests to head for and win the game of life. Heading for a purposeful life by becoming financially sound, physically fit and leading a psychologically fulfilled lifestyle is what we should strive to embrace. Learn to love and discover yourself first and foremost which will lead to loving others. Motivation is what author Kenneth sought for himself through an internal journey which culminated in a successful business and enjoying family life.

There are many suggestions in the book regarding healthy eating, exercising and keeping fit, consuming only the odd tipple from time to time, discarding the tobacco thing and breaking through embedded beliefs about what your capable or not capable of achieving along your life’s trajectory, as you build on your self-esteem and confidence. Saying no to well worn habits through strength of mind, courage and perhaps most important of all, resilience and staying power. For most of us it won’t be easy but Kenneth encourages us in his book to tackle the here and now whilst at the same time looking towards one’s vision of the future by ‘defeating the Villain and embracing the Hero’!

Politicians, top business individuals and many authors pay tribute to Kenneth Castiel for his work, celebrating his business acumen, describing him as a, ‘mentor par excellence’ and someone who ‘will transform your life.’ Deepak Chopra – author and Oprah Winfrey’s business partner – says, “Kenneth Castiel eloquently shares the benefits of making lifestyle changes for a healthy body and extraordinary and happy life.” Kenneth’s book repeats his hero versus villain message in myriad examples, making an important point over and over. As he states: “Repetition is the mother of skill”. Too true!

Kenneth Castiel was bullied at school, separated from his mum as a child and was latterly impacted by his father who was quite poorly for a number of years. Kenneth says his dad could have had a better life had he followed a healthier lifestyle. That pretty much was what inspired him to write the book, searching for his own well being. But it was not all plain sailing before then… Kenneth set off to London to seek fame and fortune as many of us do, and after taking on a number of jobs in the UK he saved hard, put himself through university and ended up in a very well paid corporate job with great prospects but, he wanted to return home and set up on the Rock to live his own dream and not someone else’s. He didn’t want to use up his savings set aside for his future plans, so he went from door to door selling books to bring in a few pennies to keep going and, although finding it very heart-wrenching, persevered knocking on doors for a couple of years or so. Well, the hard slog had just begun as he went on to slowly build and develop his intended business and create the leading home-grown, financial services corporation on the Rock – Castiel Winser. He sold up after 13 years and became financially secure when he was just 43 years old, quite an achievement in what certainly is a highly competitive industry. Today he is a life member of the Million Dollar Round Table, entrepreneur and angel investor, an inspiring speaker, success counsellor and high performance business coach, travelling all over offering motivating talks. As a mature student he gained a master’s degree in Creative Leadership through the school of psychotherapy and psychology at Regent’s University London and seems to enjoy dropping out of planes from a mere 30,000 feet!


However, despite his casual, cool, calm and collected demeanour whilst keeping as busy as he is, demonstrating he is living proof of his beliefs and winning the game of life, the determined author has, for the past two years put pen to paper (or should it be ‘fingers to keyboard’ these days?) and come up with the very thought provoking un-put-down-able read, The Hero and the Villain Within. The book is divided into three parts with twice as many chapters. Part 1: “Where Are You Now” recommends you wake up, smell the coffee and advises you on how to stay awake and keep on your toes, while Part 2 asks, “Where Do You Want To Go”. Part 3 is entitled, “How Will You Get There” which points you towards fulfilment and happiness. In a nut shell, the author is endeavouring to give of his very best. “Yes, I hope in a humble way I’ve been able to contribute to your wonderful and magnificent life by suggesting the benefits to be had by pursuing a healthy lifestyle in body and mind which are fundamental to making good decisions, staying grounded and having a happy life!”

The book is out now but the ‘hero within’ continues his work and vocation teaching what he calls, his Legacy Formula™ through his High Performance Leadership Courses.

The Hero and the Villain Within can be purchased online at Amazon.co.uk, from selected outlets locally and from kennethcastiel.com.