The GSLA Accessible Swimming Pool


The GSLA Accessible Swimming Pool will re-open its doors on a restricted basis on Monday 8th June. Access to the pool for the foreseeable future will be only be available to those pass holders who, pre-lockdown, were eligible to access the facility during the standard sessions earmarked for users with disabilities. In addition, the area is a fundamental component that will assist the GSLA in running the Stay and Play programme within the current climate.

An appointment/allocation system will be implemented that will mirror general GSLA allocation procedures at the Bayside Sports Complex.

Users can book on Mondays for sessions on Tuesdays or Wednesday or Thursdays (one booking per phone call/allocation request) and can book on Thursdays for sessions on Fridays or Saturdays, or Sundays or Mondays (one booking per phone call/allocation request).

Requests will be taken on a daily basis for any slots that have not been booked, are left over and can be used on that same day. Only pre-allocated use will be entertained and, to avoid unnecessary attendance at the venue, bookings be done via telephone.

Allocations will consist of two hour slots starting at 9am with the final one finishing at 8pm. Cleaning, changing time and transition in and out of the facility have been factored in to the schedule to avoid gatherings and allowing ample time for an intense cleaning regime. The use of changing room showers, will, for the time being, be prohibited. All other standard Covid-19 measures will also be implemented

In line with all public health advice and guidance, attendance at the pool will initially be limited to 6 users per allocation (total) this will include carers and nominated accompaniers for those that require assistance. This will be reviewed periodically.

In addition to all the above, the lido area directly adjacent to the Accessible Pool will be limited to those attending the facility with no access via the bathing pavilion. This will provide shaded rest areas for those wishing to have a short break from the pool.

The Minister for Sport, the Hon Steven Linares said: “I am so glad to be able to announce the re-opening of the Accessible Swimming Pool. This facility is crucial to many but we wanted to ensure that we provide a safe environment whilst meeting guidelines and also provide a reasonable amount of access before we restarted. Staff have collated statistics depicting normal use and have used these to come up with a schedule that, as its stands will meet all requirements. However, as with every measure implemented during the Unlock the Rock phases, we will be constantly monitoring use and will adapt where and when necessary. I urge users to engage with pool staff to ensure that we can look at any issues or suggestions in a positive and constructive manner and provide the best service possible under the current conditions”.

To book please contact the GSLA Swimming Pool directly on 20079122 as from Friday 5th June at 2.00pm and then Mondays and Thursdays as from 9.30am. This number can also be used for general queries regarding use of the pool.

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