For many small businesses, the decision to partner with a charity may seem outlandish. After all, they’re focused on growing margins, attracting talent and building their business. When sales are precious and revenue growth is critical, it seems counterintuitive to partner with a charity. But on top of supporting something you and your customers believe in, many small businesses find that partnering with a charity expands marketing opportunities, helps the company better connect with customers and creates important networking opportunities.

Indeed, charity is beneficial for both humanity and business for several reasons:

It Boosts Employee Morale and Can Attract Top Talent

As individuals, giving back to our communities makes us feel good, causes us to be more socially aware, and helps us bond with our colleagues as we team up to help those in need. In the quest for a great work-life balance, it is important to many A-list candidates to be employed by a company that gives to charity for these very reasons.

Some companies have been known to give their employees matching bonuses, meaning, when the employee receives a bonus for exceeding his or her sales quota, a donation of the same amount goes to a charity of the employee’s choice. This gives workers an added incentive to achieve higher results for the company.

Sponsorship Doubles as Marketing

Sponsoring a charity event that falls in line with your business is a great way to do some good while getting your name out in your community. You’ll want to select a charity that aligns well with your business to make the greatest impact. For example, if you are a company that makes bras, you may want to sponsor a marathon for breast cancer research.

By sponsoring a worthy charity, you’re presenting your company in a positive light by demonstrating to the members of your community that you care about them.

Increased Network Opportunities

We all know the inherent value of networking, but sometimes it’s difficult to break the ice with new prospects. There is a need to discover common ground to help make that connection. It is so much easier to talk to someone when you share the same passion. Through working for charitable causes, you can create new contacts and immediately have something to talk about with them. It also gives you a regular platform to help maintain those relationships.

Generate Positivity Around Your Brand

Consumers appreciate and support socially conscious businesses because it causes them to become emotionally invested. In fact, research has shown that customers are 85% more likely to buy a product that is associated with a charity.

How to partner with a charity?

When it comes to actually partnering with a charity, instead of just writing a check, it’s better to be creative and incorporate the partnership into the business. For example, a business can give 2% of sales to one of three charities, and it can let customers choose their preferred organization at checkout. But the partnership doesn’t have to be about sales. A business can invite customers to join employees to volunteer together at local charities- something that helps customers connect with the brand. There are many creative ways to partner with charities, and the best thing for a small business to do is to be as clear as possible with customers as to how their purchases will benefit a charity. Indeed, transparency is critical when it comes to charitable partnerships.

Giving More Globally

Individuals have a moral obligation to do much more for people in faraway places. In Gibraltar too, people often send aid money and other forms of donations to other parts of the world, be it places stricken by natural disasters, diseases or other humanitarian crises. A good example of an international charity that provides humanitarian relief to disaster-stricken areas is Magen David Adom.

Founded in 1930, Magen David Adom (MDA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, which depends on donors from across the world. It is Israel’s only national ambulance and medical emergency response service, providing expert emergency treatment to everyone, indiscriminately – regardless of race, creed or ethnic affiliation. Magen David Adom would not be here today without a network of 17,000 highly trained volunteers. Its volunteers come from all sectors of Israeli society, from ultra-Orthodox to secular Jews, Arabs, Christians and Druze. Magen David Adom enables Israeli Arabs to work alongside Christian paramedics to save lives, and ultra-Orthodox Jews and Palestinians to train shoulder to shoulder. As a member of the International Committee of the Red Cross, it is not just Israel that benefits from Magen David Adom. The organisation works internationally to share its expertise with those in need around the world. From the Tsunami in Sri Lanka to floods in New Orleans, earthquakes in Turkey to the devasting earthquakes in Haiti, Magen David Adom continues to support global efforts.

Magen David Adom now has the opportunity to develop awareness and support in Gibraltar. On Thursday 13th September 2018 Magen David Adom will hold a Fundraising Dinner at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel. Senior members from Magen David Adom UK will be in attendance as well as the internationally renowned Prof Eilat Shinar, Director of MDA Blood Services in Israel, who will be the Guest Speaker for the event. The Dinner will give the Gibraltar community the opportunity to hear about the inspirational work of Magen David Adom and guests will be able to support and make a difference to the new National Blood & Logistics Centre currently being built in Israel.

To find out further details about the Magen David Adom Dinner in Gibraltar please contact us.