Paulina Kozlowska,

Events Coordinator at The Rock Hotel

“Unbeknownst to him, she was flying back to the UK the next morning… But the RAF pilot and the nurse fell in love at first sight at a Rock Hotel Mess Ball…. The next morning, he took an RAF plane and followed her flight all the way home! Many years after a beautiful life together (that began with a spectacular wedding at The Rock Hotel) their children came to stay on what would’ve been their anniversary, and scattered their ashes in the Bay of Gibraltar.”

Jayney Teese,

Reservation Agent at The Rock Hotel

“My Valentine’s day started with an envelope containing a mysterious clue… My husband had organized a big treasure hunt around the house for me. Hidden with a few clues there were little chocolates, and the prize was new jewellery! It was a different kind of surprise to flowers… a fun experience! “


Chief Mouser at The Rock Hotel

“Without fail, Micky would curl up in his owner’s lap every morning on the sofa. When he passed away, his real mum (the next door neighbour’s cat) came to take his place for the first time ever, as if she knew…”


Sword Fighter and Determined Lover in Verona

“The most romantic thing I’ve done for someone is when I drank poison to join my one true love on the other side of the veil…”


Faker of Death in Verona

“A boyfriend appeared at my window, declaring his undying love for me… that was pretty romantic. Dad wasn’t too chuffed about it, though..”


Matchmaker, Mount Olympus

“I’m very romantic. I’ve been bringing people together since the dawn of time with my love-tipped arrows. Love is beautiful! Except when I hit Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn… that didn’t go to plan. I’d also like to apologise for Kimye.”