By Romina Mayani Nankani, CYE-CYL

Isn’t it funny how we live in a wonderful town, filled with people we often know? Whether by face or a simple hello, some we have heard of and some we meet later on in life for the first time.

I was introduced to Monique through a mutual friend. We conducted the interview over the phone and we have never met before. Do read on… You are likely to make some good changes in the way you deal with things.

“Monique just in your ‘Hello’ I can hear your smile, I want to know your secret.”

“I am living in gratitude and acceptance every day.”

She laughed, “I am living in gratitude and acceptance every day. And I learnt this via a very difficult and life-changing episode in my life. I’m so glad Celia put us in touch, she has truly been a blessing in my life.”

“In January 2018, I was diagnosed with Diffuse PVNS. Doctors had discovered that I had a benign but very destructive tumour in my left knee which was inhibiting my ability to walk. I was using crutches to help me get by, but 7 months on, I completely stopped moving. The condition had deteriorated. The nerve damage around the knee area had extended towards the rest of my body and was suffering extreme pain. Unable to climb staircases, I could no longer live in my home. I had no choice and lived with my father for a long period. I was bed ridden for about 3 months.

I’m a mother of 2 wonderful children. I couldn’t do anything with them. They were looked after by my husband and parents. I am super grateful for all of them. My husband Dillon has been my superhero.

Without warning, I experienced the worst setback. Everything took a major turn after receiving a radiosynovectomy procedure at the start of 2019. I was in a critical condition due to the intense side effect and was informed I may not make it. I was emotionally overwhelmed and was majorly concerned for my kids and my loved ones! But somehow, I was able to accept that this could be the end.

My faith kept me calm and gave me the strength to take the final risk required to save my life. I was extremely weak and my blood levels were causing my body to shut down. Doctors informed us that the first 15 minutes of blood transfusions were crucial. I went ahead with the transfusions. And I’m so grateful I’m here to tell my story and continue my recovery.
However after such a traumatising event, I experienced a drop in my mental health. The reality of my condition hit me. The pain management, the restrictive life I lived, not being able to do what I used to brought me to a standstill mentally and emotionally. I took the help of fantastic people and used music as a powerful therapeutic tool.

Funnily enough, before all this happened, I had undertaken a few courses in mindfulness, music therapy and sound healing therapy. This helped me immensely. My mindset was transforming and I accepted that this was my life now. I knew that this feeling within would help transmit and radiate that energy to those around me.”

“I’m so grateful I’m here to tell my story.”

She continued with this beautiful statement:
“When I go out for a drive with my husband and kids, it fills me up so positively to see people doing what I can’t. There is no envy or sadness within me. It truly empowers me to see people embracing their abilities. We are all in this world to pull each other up. My gratitude is limitless and I am thankful to each and every person who’s been a part of my journey.”
Monique is currently a music teacher in Bishop Fitzgerald School and is working hard to continue healing to get back to work, and offer her experience and tools.

Some days are better than others as far as her health is concerned but that doesn’t stop her from sticking to her positive perception.

Visit Monique’s website at mindfulnesscreativearts.com. She has kindly offered her email to anyone who needs to talk and/or experiencing any difficulties: [email protected]

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