By Carmen Anderson

The internet has shrunk the world and, for creatives, has grown their audiences. We talk to some of the provider of Gibraltar’s creatives on their use of social media to communicate their work to a global audience.

Chloe Martinez 

@iamchloemartinez | 114k Followers

Chloe Martinez is a musician with a burgeoning career as a TikTok musician and presenter. She had not been active on social media until last year, when her sister suggested she post a singing video on TikTok: “It was weeks before I conceded and posted for the first time. After that, things took off and here I am, on a journey that has led me to many wonderful opportunities.”

According to SocialBoosting Chloe officially works for TikTok UK as part of the London team and loves her work. However, she points out that there is a downside to social media and being in the public eye: “I’ve noticed that safety is even more of a priority now than it has been for me in the past. I love getting recognised in London, but the bigger you get, the more people want to know about you and those around you. It’s lovely for people to care so much but some can go overboard! Overall, it’s been a calm and enjoyable experience, but there is a pressure in terms of posting and knowing what to share about myself.”

The beauty of digital platforms is that there is a place for everyone who can access the internet and has even basic equipment. “Of course there are opportunities for TikTokers and YouTubers in Gibraltar,” says Chloe, “digital platforms welcome everyone and you can do whatever you set your mind to do.” With the advent of sites such as youtube market, going social has never been easier.

YouTube videos have become one of the primary media sources, with hundreds of millions of people using them daily. They are getting those valuable YouTube views that have become invaluable for influencers, celebrities, and content creators in general. If you have any video that doesn’t reach your desired audience and want to rank your video on top and inspire your viewers, knowing where to buy cheap youtube views is of great help!

Offering some advice for TikTok starters, Chloe suggests: “Go for it and be yourself. People will find you interesting and start to follow you. If you need any advice, drop me a dm on my Instagram or comment on my TikTok: @iamchloemartinez. I’d be more than happy to help!” It is also suggested that Tik Tok users can also make use of TikTok Rush as that tool can help people to get great experience on TikTok, look no further. 

Chloe describes 2021 as one of the best years of her life and looks ahead to more exciting online work to come: “I have so many projects and meetings planned in 2022. I can’t say much for now, but hopefully I’ll be able to share much more very soon!”

“Things took off and here I am, on a journey that has led me to many wonderful opportunities.”

SN Battle Reports 

 @SNBattleReports | 25.8k subscribers

Steven Pardo is one member of a team of gaming YouTubers, using the power of the internet to showcase their passion for Warhammer.

“When Nick and I first thought up SN, we were keen to showcase the awesome armies of the Gibraltar Warhammer Club and we decided that the best way to do so, was to produce old-school White Dwarf-style photo reports. We really enjoyed the nostalgia of photo reports and I believe this helped the channel grow in SN’s early days.”

By reaching out globally through the internet, the channel began to grow and so did the team’s skills. Stephen explains, “We were inspired by other YouTube channels and decided to take the leap. Nick and I, along with Chris, Julian, and all the other amazing people who have supported the channel over the years, pulled together to upgrade the channel’s equipment and we filmed our first YouTube report in our old studio. The channel has really grown since, bigger than some of the channels that originally inspired me.”

SN holds tournaments and uses these and the YouTube channel to raise funds for local charities: “We recently held a YouTubers Warhammer 40k tournament at the Sunborn hotel in aid of GibSams and the Walking Together Foundation.” 

The team also hosts two other large annual events, the Grand Tournament, which is becoming a regular event for some of the most competitive players on the Warhammer 40k circuit, and No Retreat, which is more elite and attracts hundreds of players, rapidly becoming one of the most popular events on the circuit. Alongside these three large annual events, SN also supports the Gibraltar Warhammer Club to host monthly tournaments for locals and players from just over the border.

Steven believes that there is plenty of scope in Gibraltar for other gaming accounts to flourish. Steven suggests: “Take small steps and be patient. Keep up a steady stream of content and don’t be daunted if your channel does not explode after the first few months; it takes time. Most of all, enjoy what you are showcasing on your channel and enjoy the creative process. Your audience will gradually get behind you and you will pick up a following.”

Steven hopes to become a full-time YouTuber, aiming to grow the channel and the website over the next three years and reach 100,000 subscribers.

Take small steps and be patient.

The Average Artist

@TheAverageArtist | 111k subscribers

Stephanie Seed created her art channel on YouTube as a way to build a community and an audience for her art. “I am not sure how it all happened; I think I just try to enjoy what I do and that way it never becomes too tiring, and it inspires me to continue to create. You must find the joy in what you do, or you won’t have passion for it to continue. Persistence and loving what you do are key.”

Stephanie hopes to continue to grow the channel, but for now is focusing on being consistent. “There are no particular secrets to starting a YouTube channel,” she elaborates, “you just need a phone and an internet connection and then you upgrade the equipment as the channel progresses and grows. There is plenty of space in this field in Gibraltar,” she adds, “it just depends on you and your commitment to it as it does take time.”

Stephanie’s main motivation comes from her audience: “Lots of people tell me that my videos help them in some way; either inspiring them to pick up art again, or to be more creative, and I know people who have been mentally unwell who watch my videos for comfort. When I receive comments like that, I feel inspired. Just to be able to help one single person is hugely motivational. I also enjoy the process of creating and posting videos; I find it exciting, and it makes me keep practicing my art too.”

Stephanie’s advice for starting a YouTube channel is to be consistent and, “You also need a good idea or a good channel theme to keep people coming back. Just be yourself and you will find your audience. Avoid gimmicks and respect your audience.” 

Persistence and loving what you do are key.


Louise Perera 

@louiseperera_mua | 6120k followers

YouTube: Louise Perera

Learning how to apply makeup like a pro appeals to millions around the world, and whatever the look you’re after, YouTube is the place to turn to for instant information and advice. It’s not surprising, then, that this gives make-up artists and professionals a perfect platform for showcasing their skills. Louise Perera is one such YouTuber:

“Ever since I started using makeup I have been obsessed,” Louise says, “and once I started working on more creative looks and sharing them on Instagram, the natural next step to improve my content and push myself out of my comfort zone was to post videos on YouTube. I love the creative side of makeup; the fact that I can create different look every day for months on end, and still have techniques or ideas I haven’t tried excites me.”

Staying motivated can sometimes be hard, but with a constant flow of creative ideas, Louise finds herself planning the growth of her YouTube Channel as much as possible, working on making each video better than the last: “I will continue to push my limits and improve my skills and hopefully create better and better content. In the last year I have moved towards creating special effects and I would like to see just how far I can push myself with these.”

YouTube is vast and it would be easy to wonder whether you would ever be noticed but this should not put you off, Louise suggests: “Of course, it’s the internet so there is plenty of space and if you have the motivation and passion for whatever you would like to start a channel on, anything is possible.”

Louise’s advice is to take the plunge and give it a go: “My advice would be to just try it out, you have nothing to lose. If you love it, continue to post content and if you don’t succeed in getting the followers you want, at least you tried something new.”

If you don’t succeed, at least you tried something new.

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