SWIMWEAR – Summer styles for 2017


Summer is just around the corner, and along with swimsuit season comes sunshine and sunscreen-laden limbs, but also the endless dilemma of finding the perfect bikini. Whether we’re ready or not, those daily trips to the beach are only but a mere blink away, which means it’s time to start stocking up on our swimwear and beachwear!

Scallop Mesh
Bikini Set
Topshop £24

When it comes to body concerns, we all have our own special set of challenges, I’m sure. Unfortunately, it can often seem as though the many styles we see on the high-street year after year are not designed with a particularly extensive range of body-shapes in mind. But this is slowly changing, and bikini trends are evolving fast, with updates coming in all forms such as textures and silhouettes, many of which are sure to flatter your body type.

This year, we’ll be seeing a huge range of daring styles that aim to make a big statement; we’re talking everything from sexy high-leg silhouettes and cute ruffles to classic nautical stripes. I’ve rounded up some of the most popular upcoming trends in swimwear that are sure to have you beach-ready in no time!

Secret Slimming™
Lace-up Swimsuit
M&S £29.50
Junarose Floral Swimsuit
ASOS £40

One piece

The summer 2017 swimwear trends generally seem to revolve around one major style this year: the one-piece. It’s a trend that has been around for a few seasons now, and you can rest assured that it is here to stay. From low backs, to plunging necklines and strappy styles, anything goes this year, as long as it’s a one piece!

There’s a good reason why the one-piece just doesn’t seem to budge; not only are they super chic and stylish, but they’re also incredibly flattering for most body shapes, regardless of age, and perfect for those of you who simply prefer not wearing a bikini.

Motel Paradise Floral
Printed Fill Bikini
ASOS £25

High waisted & high leg

80’s trends burst onto the scene a couple of seasons ago, and this year is absolutely no different! This decade was all about high-waisted styles, which continued well into the 90’s too! Not only does this style hit a more flattering part of your torso, but also does wonders to elongate the legs and bring attention to the hip area. So if you have long legs, this swimsuit style is for you, and if you want to appear as though you have longer legs (who doesn’t?), this one’s also for you!

Clean Cross Back
Mono Stripe Swimsuit
ASOS £22

High-leg styles are absolutely no different with regards to lengthening those assets and bringing attention to your hips. I tend to struggle with these as I have a pear-shaped figure and therefore more bottom-heavy; my main aim, year upon year, is to find a bikini that balances out my top and bottom halves. If you face the same issue as me but you’re absolutely set on a high-leg piece, however, the perfect way to balance it out is by opting for texture or print on your top half to make your bust appear larger, and draw some attention away from your hips.

Monki Off Shoulder
Frill Flamingo Bikini
ASOS £26


Ruffles are having a huge comeback this summer and, once again, it’s all thanks to the 80’s. Adding ruffles to any swimsuit, whether around the bust line or the hips, adds a gorgeous feminine touch, as well as aesthetically enhancing any old simple bikini to something that little bit more special. In a similar vein, dainty scalloped edge pieces will be flooding the high-street this year too, expanding the scope of the simplistic yet eye-catching range of swimwear available to us. The ruffles and scalloped trends are in stark contrast to the sexier strappy and low cut styles we’ll be seeing this summer too, which means that there is sure to be something for absolutely everyone!

Textured Stripe
Matalan £16


Nautical motifs in swimwear never seems to go out of style, mainly because they’re so versatile and classic, but also incredibly flattering to all body types, no matter what your particular issue may be. It’s quite simple: opt for vertical stripes if you’re after a slimming and lengthening effect and horizontal stripes if you’re looking to accentuate the bust and hip area.

Halter-necks and sports bra styles are best if you need some lift and support, and I’ve spotted these particular silhouettes starting to creep their way into all of my favourite high-street shops recently. Have you ever considered the ultra-affordable Matalan for swimwear? You’d have never thought of it right? Considering that most bikini sets fall under the £20 mark, you really can’t go wrong.

Cut-outs & lace-ups

Aztec Eyelet Tie-Up
Bikini by Jaded London
Topshop £30

Finally, another trend I’ve noticed for this year is cut-outs. We’ve been seeing shoulder cut-outs in stores for a good while now, so it’s no wonder that this gorgeous detail has now made its way to swimwear. The best part about this trend is that it has a touch of sexy without allowing it to overpower the swimwear. I’ve seen many brands recreating the front lace-up with side ties instead, which brings something a little more interesting to the table. If you’re looking to be super on trend, opt for nude or berry tones, which are looking to become huge this summer!

Noisy May Tan
Lines Stripe
Tape Swimsuit
ASOS £30

As you can see, there are countless styles available, for all ages, skin-tones and body types, as well as to cater for our own personal style preferences. The trends are endless and the variety is huge; from delicate details like scalloped edges and dainty ruffles, to the sexier low-scoop backs and high-leg silhouettes, there will be something for you in all of your favourite shops this season! Happy shopping!

Eyelet Lace Up
Crop Bikini Top

words | Julia Coelho