Super Break Charters for Summer 2018


In a welcome move since the demise of Monarch Airlines, short break specialist Super Break have announced a series of charters flying from regional destinations in the UK to Gibraltar for summer 2018.

The flights are set to operate twice a week for four weeks in July from Belfast International, Humberside, Exeter, Bournemouth, Durham Tees Valley and East Midlands Airport. The final details of the programme have yet to be confirmed along with a date when the packages will be put on sale.

The initiative by Super Break follows discussions at the World Travel Market and at a meeting of the UKGTA (United Kingdom Gibraltar Tourism Association), between the Gibraltar Tourist Board, Super Break and their agents in Gibraltar, The Bland Group International (BGI). The discussions took place with Chris Hagan, Head of Propositions for Super Break, who also holds the Chair of the UKGTA.

Chris Hagan said, “We are delighted to be working with our long established partners in Gibraltar to deliver this brand new programme for UK leisure travellers to visit Gibraltar in Summer 2018. Gibraltar is already one of our Top Ten short break destinations and by adding this exclusive capacity we hope to further cement our position as the UK’s specialist Gibraltar short break operator.

What is particularly exciting about this programme is that we will be operating services from several UK regions which have never seen direct service to Gibraltar such as North East England and Northern Ireland whilst re-introducing, albeit in a small way, a connection for leisure travellers from areas such as the Midlands who have recently lost their connectivity following the very unfortunate demise of Monarch. Should the sales of the initial 7 departures be successful, which we are confident it will, we will not hesitate to extend the programme further. As chair of the UKGTA, the continuity of direct air service to Gibraltar is a personal priority and it has been a pleasure working with the teams at the Gibraltar Tourist Board, Gibraltar International Airport, Blands Travel and our hotel partners to facilitate our new programme in record time.”

The Hon Gilbert Lucudi QC, Minister for Tourism said, “This is a significant development for Gibraltar. We are very pleased to see that following discussions at the world’s most important travel market and through the UKGTA, Super Break have taken this initiative. This charter programme will deliver much needed leisure business to Gibraltar. Whilst it may not cure the current gap in seat only capacity it will go a long way to restore business to the local tourism industry. I must commend Super Break, the GTB and The Bland Group International (BGI) for having been proactive on this matter to ensure sustained business for Gibraltar’s leisure market.”