Children from St Bernard’s First School enjoyed some time in Commonwealth Park today to learn about keeping safe in the sun.

The activity forms a joint initiative from the Department of Education and Skcin, a UK Skin Cancer Charity, which aims to evoke a culture change and shift in attitude towards sun safety that will help reverse the soaring rates of skin cancer for our future generations. Sun Safe Schools is an annual accreditation scheme developed by Skcin to educate children on the importance of sun safety. The scheme also assists primary schools in implementing a suitable sun safe policy and promoting the reinforcement of sun safety at home.

Skcin’s National Business Development Manager, Marie Tudor, said: “Skcin are delighted that schools in Gibraltar wish to support our Sun Safe Accreditation. The scheme goes from strength to strength, every year with increased registrations from schools and nurseries and workplaces. 85% of skin cancers are caused by over exposure to UV, so 85% of cases are preventable. Education of sun awareness is key.”

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