For some reason, many people feel intimidated by shorts, or perhaps they still struggle to live down their fairly bad rep of being somewhat unflattering and unfeminine. Aside from tiny booty denim styles, which are a firm favourite particularly among the Gibraltarian youth, it seems that a huge chunk of the female population continues to steer clear of shorts, reserving them for our male counterparts instead.

With a little guidance, you’ll find that shorts can actually be many things: adaptable, flattering, stylish, formal and also fun. Bare leg season is here at last, so why not embrace some of this year’s shorts trends and wear them with confidence?

‘Jorts’: the type of shorts an older aunt might wear on holiday.


It is often the most uncomplicated ensembles that pack the most stylish punch. Suits are as simple and timeless as it gets, but as we’ve all experienced at some point or another, they’re not exactly ideal for the heat and humidity we experience in Gibraltar throughout the summer months. But fear not, because an updated weather-appropriate iteration has burst on the scene, as short suits are set to become one of the key focuses of summer 2019, with dozens of versions already hitting the high street at full pelt.

A blazer and matching shorts may strike you as a bit of a fashion faux pas, but the combination is unarguably quite practical. It’s a complete look; chic yet comfortable, and the best part is that you can wear both items separately, essentially making it a 3-for-1 purchase. Ditch the blazer when the real heat starts to kick in and pair the shorts with a cute cami or oversized tee, and wear the full set on cooler evenings, particularly when you require a smooth desk to drinks transition. Luckily, they can be styled in various ways; with smart mules for the ultimate put-together look, and even with minimal trainers for the perfect marriage of business and casual.


When the dreaded cycling shorts trend first burst onto the scene a few seasons back, I wrote them off as nothing more than a fleeting Kardashian-inspired trend – a novel and unrealistic look reserved solely for a small percentage of the population. Just as I was getting to the point where I wasn’t finding them totally shocking, the fashion world decided to throw out yet another curveball and introduce a new style to the mix. Believe it or not, denim cycling shorts are the latest addition to emerge from this already polarising trend.

We’ve been conditioned to associate longer cut-offs, otherwise known as ‘Jorts’: the type with somewhat questionable taste; the type of shorts an older aunt might wear on holiday. The trend has been keeping a fairly low profile for the past few seasons, but as summer begins to loom closer, brands and retailers have begun stocking them in all shapes and colours, confirming that they are officially a thing. If you’re like me and the knee-grazing length still terrifies you, try out a mid-length pair to build yourself up to the trend slowly.


Probably my personal favourite style, paper bag waist shorts are extremely flattering and look good on absolutely everyone. I like to make the most of the higher waistline by pairing them with cute crop tops or bodies; they have the ability to make any outfit look effortlessly stylish and feminine, as well as cinching in the waist just that little bit more, to complement your body in all the right places.


If you love utilitarian pieces and were into last autumn and winter’s boiler suit trend, the next item on your list should be a pair of utility shorts. Also known as cargo shorts, these are easily the most practical of the bunch, and this year they’ve undergone some stylish tweaks from the styles we used to wear back in the 90s. Pair them with a billowy linen shirt for a casually cool look – and be sure to show off those statement pockets.


Ruffle shorts are probably the more feminine of the styles on offer this season. Let the ruffle detailing do the talking, whether they’re all over or just on the hem, and keep the rest of your look fairly simple and understated. They make for a lovely beach outfit, but are also perfectly appropriate for a summer’s night out.


Pleated shorts present the perfect balance between fashion and function. Their traditionally mid-length silhouette elevates their suitability for the workplace, as they’re not far off from a traditional suit. They can be styled in so many different ways, from a smart pair of court heels and refined blouse, to a pair of chunky trainers and baggy tee.