Street Flushing

Following concerns expressed by the Laguna Estate Tenants Association, the Government would like to reassure all residents that arrangements have been made to increase both the street and communal area flushing frequencies in the estate as part of the new cleaning schedule to be undertaken by the new cleaning contract operators commencing on the 1st September. The Government also takes note of the drainage problems that have recently affected some areas of the estate and apologises for the inconvenience this has caused. A solution is currently being worked on by the relevant departments to rectify the problem without further delay.

Increased street and communal area cleaning frequencies form one of the main improvements of the new cleaning schedule that is due to commence in September. In general the new arrangements will see additional areas of Gibraltar cleaned that have so far not been tackled regularly if at all.

The Government had hoped that the new cleaning contract would have been in place earlier, but the necessary due diligence by the tender board required a very justified longer than predicted period for assessment. Government is confident that the forthcoming changes will see a significant improvement in the cleanliness of all public estates and surrounding areas and of Gibraltar in general.