Spring is finally upon us and the time has come to take stock of the forthcoming trends and begin plotting our wardrobes for the coming months. After last month’s weather traumas, I’m sure we can all firmly say that some sun and warmth is very much welcomed. Spring is one of my favourite seasons for the sheer fact that I can finally start to ditch the winter clothes and begin incorporating transitional pieces into my wardrobe.

Here are just a few of the trends taking the fashion world by storm this season.


Bright and bold is back in this year. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but still, most spring trends tend to focus on pastels and softer tones. Those will definitely still be around, no doubt about it, but the next few months will embrace vibrant colour at long last. From primary blocks through to neon accents; expect to see bright pinks, reds, yellows and blues take over the high street very soon!


I’m sure we’re all very much aware of the athleisure trend. It’s been blowing up for quite some time now. From the everlasting ‘trackie’ hype, to the more recently welcomed dad shoe; the uglier your trainers, the more on trend (and probably the more expensive). We definitely love a bit of athleisure in Gibraltar, and this season, it’s being taken up a notch, with brights, prints, and new silhouettes firmly settling themselves into the gym/streetwear category.

Graphic Prints & Logos

I have to say this is one of my favourite trends this season; from big brand logos to funky graphic prints, the rule is: the louder the better. I love this trend in particular because it calls to the more adventurous side of me, as well as allowing me to explore my love for juxtaposition in fashion. I love pairing a graphic tee with a denim mini dress and some trainers, or tucking one into some skinny jeans, teamed up with a pair of strappy heels and a smart blazer.

Good Tailoring

Spring, thanks to the colour palette and floral styles it usually invites, tends to cater to our more feminine side. This year, though, minimalists and tomboys will have plenty to choose from, for a good blazer and trouser suit with a funky flat-shoe will be all the rage. Checked blazers, specifically, burst onto the scene late last year, making an appearance in most notable designers’ SS/18 runway shows. Not only do they strike the perfect balance between laidback and formal, but if there’s one thing worth spending some money on, it’s a perfectly tailored summer jacket.

Plaid & Polka Dots

Polka dots are having a huge moment this spring; from delicate blouses and skirts, to chiffon dresses and cropped jumpsuits. If you’re slightly put off by the trend and equate polka dots with your childhood (cheers Minnie Mouse), it’s time to change your chip and start seeing polka dots for what they are: an elegant, adaptable and timeless print.

Another favourite, checks, were huge throughout autumn and winter, and it looks like they’re here to stay. Although classic styles like plaid shirts are still very much on trend, this spring the high street will be teeming with Clueless-style checked miniskirts and cropped trousers.


For all of you accessories lovers out there, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a whole host of new bag trends on the scene this spring. But if there’s one that’s really paved its way to the forefront, it’s the bum bag. From the sporty pouches which have been on the rock since the beginning of time, all the way to the feminine luxe crossbody styles, the good old bumbag is back!

Waist belts

Aside from being extremely flattering, waist belts pertain to the 80s styles that have been around for a good while now, not only for the purpose of tightly cinching in the waist, but also to contrast the larger than life silhouettes and shapes inspired by that era. A waist belt can come in all forms; from a leather Western style, to a chain-belt paired with a slip dress, to those incorporated into jackets or paper-bag style trousers. There are no two ways about it: belts are key!

It’s official; spring has arrived, and I’m more than ready to ditch the thick knits & jeans, and say goodbye to winter at long last. It’s time to open up my arms to some funky prints, bright colours, and, dare I say it, maybe even a little bit of athleisure!