By Denise Matthews

With Gibraltar leading the way by introducing Distributed Ledger Technology Regulation back in January 2018, the nine principles of the regulation are firm whilst encouraging innovation. This made Gibraltar the jurisdiction of choice with Gibraltar Finance as Government partners of the post-COVID Hack 2020 organised by Coinsilium and Indorse. Having attracted some of the most reputable and serious businesses developing services and products for an international customer base was one of the driving factors for RSK, a leading blockchain development group, becoming the official Track Partners of the Hackathon.

The chosen track is socio-economic inclusion. It proposes several use cases, globally teams are invited to create innovative solutions to tackle issues brought upon us by the pandemic. With an understanding that these are important problems to solve at all times, solving them now, in the post-COVID era, will help marginalised communities at a time of their greatest need. Helping them go from vulnerable to resilient.

“Solving them now will help marginalised communities at a time of their greatest need.”

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar the CEO of IOVLabs, which operates the RSK, RIF, and Taringa! platforms, is now a familiar face in Gibraltar. IOVLabs established its presence there in 2017 and have contributed educationally to the Professional Certificate of Competence at the University. Diego, an early evangelist of the technology was one of the pioneers of web development in Argentina and Latin America back in the 1990s and has played a leading role in fostering Blockchain technology and Bitcoin adoption in Latin America since 2012.

RSK, the first smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network, is transforming the way businesses are conceived, designed, and built. Its complementary platform, RSK Infrastructure Framework, takes these technologies to scale, simplifying the use of decentralised infrastructure for any traditional or Blockchain developer, organisation, or innovator.

With help from IOVLabs platforms, the track partner of the post-COVID Hack, people everywhere will have the power to create digital identities, build reputations, establish and enforce agreements, and engage in commercial transactions without intermediaries. With a presence in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Shanghai, Singapore, an innovation studio in San Francisco, USA and headquarters in Gibraltar, IOVLabs is established globally.

IOV stands for Internet of Value, the concept of creating a chain that will share and transmit information freely. Within their mission is global financial freedom bringing the Internet of Value vision one step closer to realisation. They have identified that all over the world people’s interactions are different influenced by nationality, culture and background. However, inside the blockchain all interactions become equal. IOVLabs develops the blockchain technologies needed for a new global financial ecosystem; one that fosters opportunity, transparency, and trust, building low-cost, highly secure, easy-to-use platforms for the new global economy. As a business they have instilled their set of values within their operations model reflected in the company’s actions, decisions and hiring process. Equality of opportunities; autonomy by encouraging independent and solutions-oriented thinking, entrepreneurship, and ownership; open and equal access to information, transparency, reliability and nurturing freedom and empowerment in alignment with common agreements.

IOVLabs is supporting the socio-economic inclusion track of the post-COVID Hack 2020. Given the high level of expertise and experience of the organisers Coinsilium and Indorse, the calibre and global reach of community and developer partners, it is clear that this initiative has presented an ideal opportunity aligned with their mission statement.

“However, inside the blockchain all interactions become equal.”

“The internet has democratized knowledge and strengthened human connections, but millions of people still dream of financial equality. With tools to create and verify personal identity, establish and execute agreements, and engage in commercial transactions, now everyone has the chance to participate in a new economy. Welcome to the Internet of Value.”

Social Impact Partners Blockchain 4 Humanity

In March 2019 Blockchain for Humanity (bbH) and IOV Labs announced they were joining forces to promote greater transparency in social and environmental impact projects. The not-for-profit foundation, Blockchain for Humanity’s most significant endeavour is enabling communities and entrepreneurs to implement blockchain powered solutions worldwide by offering its ecosystem of sponsors, mentors, partners, volunteers, investors and charitable donors to support selected projects and help them reach their next step of development and execution. The shared focus is on addressing inequality by improving the lives of many around the globe also enabling Bitcoin supporters to donate to their favorite impact projects on RSK.

Co-founder of Blockchain for Humanity and Giveth, Grace Torrellas said of the partnership: “We have a shared vision with IOVLabs, striving towards a socially inclusive, positive-sum game. We believe that responsibly designed blockchain solutions can unlock transformative change in society and improve the lives of billions of people worldwide.”

Today a post-COVID workforce makes collaborative innovation possible, hackathons serve to accelerate problem solving and thanks to the partners who have envisioned blockchain as the most inclusive technology available today the results of the post-COVID Hack are sure to provide benefits not just to financial services, but to society as a whole.

“It is refreshing to see some of the philanthropic and ethical drivers behind the development of the technology and how the technology has facilitated decentralised investment opportunities in projects that are ethically driven. It is a breath of fresh air in the world of finance.” Paul Astengo Senior Executive Gibraltar Finance

For more information on the post-COVID Hack 2020 partners visit: postcovidhack.com/hackathon.

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