Following a review by the Gibraltar Government, contributions from both employers and employees have been increased for the first time in seven years as of 1st of April.

The 10% increase means that the maximum payments will change from £32.97 to £36.50 for employers and £25.16 to £27.50 for employees, with the minimum payments from the employers changing from £15.00 to £16.50 and from £5.00 to £5.50 for employees.

The Government is committed to a total reform of the entire structure of the Social Insurance Fund. These efforts will include the further introduction of eServices, radically improving the speed and efficiency of communicating with Government by individuals and businesses. The first of these new initiatives will be the introduction of a new service, exclusively online, for all suppliers to Government and the GHA which will enable and facilitate live contract management including quality and pricing from all pre-approved suppliers.

Any reforms made as a result of the review, will allow for greater flexibility once the UK and Gibraltar have left the EU.