Thomson, founder of Supernatural, the health food cafes located in the World Trade Center and Atlantic Suites, has been on a personal mission since his first business opened in Gibraltar to offer healthy meals to children via his FeedMyFuture social campaign.

He will be leading his international team to deliver healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that schoolchildren will thoroughly enjoy. His concept of “smart meals” takes regular meals that all children enjoy, and turning them into healthy meals with the inclusion of fresh vegetables and grains. For example, a whole wheat spaghetti Bolognese, in a rich beef, lentil and tomato sauce, with carrots and beetroot blended in, and a healthy side salad to balance the main dish perfectly.

Full menus with all nutritional information and ingredient lists will be provided in advance of each term and specific allergies and dietary requirements will be catered for.

With a team of experienced catering chefs and service managers, Thomson aims to create a leading healthy lunch operation that will rival some of the best in Europe.

Thomson reveals: “We have worked closely with the Department of Education, Minister John Cortes, and the Department of Health, as well as our own nutritionists to develop what we believe to be one of the best possible menus for a school cafeteria. Our team has done a fantastic job to bring this all together in a short amount of time and we are all extremely excited to begin this fantastic project.”

Launching this September, students at Bayside and Westside will be able to download the new SMART KITCHEN app or pick up a physical card at the schools and pre-load their account to be used for the lunches. This aims to create a cashless society within the schools and encourage the students to take up the healthy daily meal option.

In addition, regular tasting days and healthy food information will be provided within the schools for both students and parents.

Minister for Education, John Cortes, announced that these lunches will be free to all for a trial period: “By providing the meals free for the initial period, up until midterm, we will be providing the opportunity for children and parents/carers alike to sample them and see for themselves. And of course, to comment on them and make suggestions”.

Low income families will not be required to pay for these meals going forward, with the Government assuring that “A system is being designed to that children will not be able to tell who is getting meals free or paid”.

For more information, visit the Smart Kitchen Facebook page or their website, smart.gi

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