Bathing costumes, by nature, are not one of the longer-wearing categories in our wardrobes. Sure, they can last us a few seasons, but after a while, as we’ve all experienced, their colour and elasticity will tragically start to wear away, which means we don’t want to be breaking the bank on any beach-related items this year. Thankfully, most of our favourite high street pieces are actually quite affordable, and of very high quality too.

As expected, all of the usual high-street suspects are offering an expansive range of fantastic options, from classic and minimal, right up to the downright outlandish. ASOS, as usual, never fails to hit the mark when it comes to summer swimwear trends, and they also offer superb choices for those of you with bigger busts. As you can probably imagine, the swimwear trends that typically gain the most traction on social media aren’t necessarily a true indication of what you’ll actually see at the beach. Understandably, tiny neon thongs and super v-front bikinis aren’t bound to be everyone’s bag, but you can rest assured that there is a huge variety of wearable styles on offer this season.

So, whether you’re soon jetting off to a faraway destination or just can’t wait to stock up on a few new pieces, I’ve rounded up the swimwear trends that have already been translating into the most sales this summer.

Swimwear trends on social media aren’t a true indication of what you’ll see at the beach.


Crinkle fabric is proving to be one of the most prominent bikini trends this year. ASOS have already sold out various times, offering mix-and-match crinkled (or shirred) bikinis in loads of colours, from neons to neutrals, as well as a variety of cuts depending on your preference. Not only are they extremely flattering, but they’re also one of the comfier styles you’ll try, hands down. Best of all, some crinkled bikini tops can double up as chic crop tops; no one would ever know the difference.


This summer’s trending colour palette comes in a sea of beige, from off-white and nude, to deeper shades of camel and caramel. These tones have a tendency to look more refined and put-together than brights, as well as looking good on pretty much every skin tone.


On the other end of the colour spectrum, it’s hardly a surprise that neon is on the money this summer, considering the obsession that developed in the fashion world last season. Neon swimwear might sound a bit extreme, but it’s actually more approachable than you might think. The beach or pool is one of the few places where I probably wouldn’t mind braving the highlighter colours just for a bit of fun. I’ve already succumbed to temptation and snagged myself a set.


Unsurprisingly, high-waisted bikinis are staying firmly put for yet another year; now considered a tried and true staple by many women, and one of the most flattering swimwear options you can opt for. High-cut styles are designed to elongate your legs and accentuate your curves in all the right places, so you really can’t go wrong.


It’s pretty evident that animal print has officially become a permanent and seasonless trend across all categories, not just swimwear. The great thing about this trend is that you don’t have to fully commit, but can merely dip your toe in the water and pair a printed piece with a colour block piece or even opt for simple animal-printed detailing and accessories. If you’re ready to dive in, though, don’t be afraid to go for a leopard one-piece or snakeskin bikini. I think I may take the plunge myself!


With regards to cover-ups and beachwear, I honestly can’t get enough of playsuits. They’re laidback and easy to throw on, and there are so many casual styles on offer that go with a simple pair of flip flops, but equally can be paired with some wedges for a more refined pool-party look.

On the shoe front, while sandals will always continue to be a firm summer staple, be sure not to overlook espadrilles. I always get into a bit of a shoe rut in the summer months, wearing the same flipflops and two pairs of sandals day in and day out. Espadrilles are easy to style and extremely versatile, but they’re also largely inexpensive and make for a great one-season purchase.

And finally, for accessories, I’m not surprised to report that last year’s basket bag trend has only become more expansive this season, with a whole host of shapes, sizes and colours up for grabs at extremely reasonable price points.