As part of Zone 1 Residential Parking Scheme, 2 short stay drop off / loading and unloading bays will be established on Red Sands Road directly outside both Red Sands House and Alameda House. These bays, located centrally within the Alameda Housing Estate, will cater for those in need of gaining access to their homes with shopping and heavy items, for helpers, friends and family who do not reside within the Scheme boundaries wishing to assist persons getting to their homes or for the delivery of essentials, such as food. These bays will also provide small businesses with very short term parking for deliveries of groceries and other heavy goods.

As from Monday 15th January 2018, the short-stay bays will have a maximum parking time of 30 minutes and will be operational between the hours of 8am and 7pm daily, outside of which they will revert to regular parking for residents’ Permit holders only.

Longer-term Pay & Display parking facilities are available at Grand Parade and on Rosia Road for non-residents and those without a Residents’ Permit for the area.

The Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, the Hon Paul Balban, said, “I am greatly encouraged that the Residential Parking Scheme for Zone 1 has now settled well among the residents of the area and seems to be working as expected. The Scheme has greatly improved the parking provision for residents of the area. These new tweaks will now help improve facilities for those requiring very short-term parking facilities to assist or access persons in need or to deliver groceries or other items to them.”