SHADES OF BLUSH – The colour for everyone!


If you walk into any high street store right now, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be hit by a wave of pink shades, particularly blush, which fast became one of the most sought-after, and abundant colours in the fashion industry last year, when Pantone – fashion’s principal colour measurement system, declared it to be the colour of 2016! It’s true that shades of blush burst onto the scene quite a while ago now, but even after such a strong presence last year, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon! Lots of trends stay put for seasons on end, but these delicate shades are proving to be the colour with the best staying power—whatever the season! And what better time than spring to bring a bit of blush back into our lives?

Suede Biker Jacket
Asos £90

When we think of this shade, the words  ‘girly, ‘minimalist and ‘elegant’ may spring to mind – it’s not in-your-face & overwhelming as fuchsia can often be, and it’s a little bit more exciting than your typical neutrals such as grey and beige. It’s perfect for those of us who are not crazy about bright and loud colours, yet still want to wear something fresh and vivid. Best of all, it’s a colour that looks amazing on everyone, from light to deep skin tones, and regardless of age! Whether it’s “on trend” or not, in the traditional sense of the word, I truly believe that blush tones will never ever go out style, and for good reason;  they’re such easy colours to incorporate into your wardrobe, in every single aspect, from shoes and accessories, to jackets and dresses – you name it!

BDG Baby Pink Mom Jeans
Urban Outfitters £55

When you think about how you may define your personal style, the word ‘feminine’ is one that pops up for many of us. But even within the parameters of this particular aesthetic, we find an entire spectrum; whether you lean more towards a classy, put together look, or a more casual and pretty vibe, blush tones are some that you can absolutely integrate into your outfits with ease. For example, you really can’t get much more chic than a silk blush-toned shirt; a simple, yet perfect piece that makes a stylish statement without a whole lot of effort, and in true nude-toned fashion, has the ability to lift up an entire look from something rather ordinary, to something incredibly classy and elegant. Simply put: we all need a pale pink silk shirt in our lives!

Monki Lace Up Flatform Trainer
Asos £30

Even if you’re a little more androgynous, or even somewhat masculine in your personal style, there’s no reason why you should leave these pale pink shades sitting on the shelf. Blush is the perfect colour to team up with a darker or more structured look, and will easily add a fresh and youthful edge to any outfit. The possibilities are endless, but the one thing I would say you might want to watch for when wearing nude tones, is being careful not to overpower them with colours that will do nothing but swamp their cool qualities. For instance, I wouldn’t wear blush with stark black jeans, but I definitely would go for a cool dark brown or violet pair, which will create a perfect balance, both contrasting and complementing the nude toned elements of your outfit. But having said all of that, there really are no rules in fashion, so do what feels the most you!

New Look Metal Box Cross Body Bag
Asos £15.99

For anyone like me, who loves trying to strike that perfect balance between grungy and girly, think blush toned culottes, boxy t-shirts and slip dresses! Aim to counteract any sweet blush tone with tailored silhouettes and varied textures. For instance, a pale pink slip dress, although a gorgeous stand-alone piece, would look so perfect when paired up with an acid washed denim jacket, and a pair of studded gladiator sandals. Alternatively, for an edgier aesthetic, consider some pale pink mom jeans, a slouchy grey knit, and some chunky military boots. Or switch it up, and make the boots pink!

Kiss The Sky Cami Slip Dress With
Floral Embroidery And Choker Neck Tie
Asos £32

Sometimes it’s best to let accessories do the talking, especially if you’re unsure as to how exactly to wear this trend. For instance, I have a pair of old school blush pink Reebok trainers, which I love pairing with my mom jeans, a striped top and a baggy longline cardigan. They’re my failsafe option when I want go for something a little different and unique, but I’m feeling uninspired in the clothing department. You could also opt for a funky blush toned bag, to pair with a look of muted tones like beige or white.

Whether you usually tend to stick to understated earthy tones, or you’re simply not used to venturing into the pink section of the colour spectrum, blush tones are the perfect solution! There is absolutely no need to compromise your personal style; this colour is for everyone!

words | Julia Coelho