September is an interesting month for us here in Gibraltar. It kicks off with a massive music festival which is the talk of the town and has everyone debating who their favourite act to perform is. This then morphs into the National Day celebrations, and this year, they are bigger and better than ever. On the 10th, Gibraltar will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the important historical event that was the 1967 Referendum. This event will be remembered as the day that Gibraltarians loudly and clearly voiced their desire to remain British. Red, white and blue adorned every street and, with the world watching, history was made. Mari Montegriffo, Gibraltar’s first female mayor, was kind enough to lend me a photo album featuring her father, Chris’, photographs published in ‘Captured Times’, a few of which are included in this edition for you to enjoy, along with an article by Mark Montegriffo recounting the events of 50 years ago.

Keeping it in the family, another Montegriffo – Amy this time – has written an interesting book called ‘Mother’s Milk’ in which she tells gory stories of motherhood. Categorically, do not read this to your children unless you are prepared to make them cry, you have been warned. This is, unless you are Mark Dallison, the popular actor who enjoys playing the bad guy and takes more pride in making his audience weep than in making them laugh.

Next in September, as the summer hours end:

  • Parents send their children to schools, sometimes for the first time, like Polly who, inspired by this important event in her family’s life, decided to research what the best months to have a sporty child are, and September ranks quite high on that list…

  • Students go off to university, also sometimes for the first time, and for those, Molly has prepared a few pointers to help them prepare for the foreign experience of going away to study, with some tips on coping with the lack of cheap booze and food cravings.
  • Graduates embark on the job hunt, sometimes, again, for the first time, and Sylvia has compiled a list of tips on what you need to know before you don that suit or uniform.

So, this month is pretty jam-packed, not only with events but also with letters – did you realise September has the longest name out of all the months, with nine letters?! It is the ninth month of the year, and nine is also the number of hours we spent colouring the cover photo, so I hope you all like it. Happy National Day!

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