School Opening Dates


Schools will start their 2019/2020 Academic year in a few weeks’ time.
The following schools will start opening their doors to pupils as from Monday 2nd September:

Hebrew School
Notre Dame
St Bernard’s First
St Bernard’s Middle
St Martin’s
St Mary’s
St Paul’s
St Joseph’s First
St Joseph’s Middle

The following schools will open for pupils on Wednesday 11th September, the day after the National Day Holiday:

Bishop Fitzgerald at their new, temporary location at the old St Anne’s SchoolGovernor’s Meadow at their new, temporary location at the old Bayside SchoolSt Anne’s School at its new site next to Notre Dame at Laguna Estate
Westside Comprehensive School at its new site at Waterport

Bayside Comprehensive School at its new premises at WaterportThe Gibraltar College at its current location at Line Wall

Schools which have separate school joining days for different school years will contact parents directly in the usual manner.

All these schools will open for teachers as from 30 August but will open to children as from 11 September. Thisisinordertoallowthefinerdetailofthemovesoftheschools,theinductionof teachers and support staff and final preparation by staff to receive pupils. The College opens on 11 September, consistent with the Comprehensives, in view of its consortium teaching arrangement with Bayside and Westside.