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Bill to Amend the Gibraltar Electricity Authority Act

The Government has today published a Bill to amend the Gibraltar Electricity Authority Act that will, for the first time ever allow individual customers of the GEA to feed-in electricity generated at home from renewable sources.

The change in the law, following approval earlier this week by the Board of the Gibraltar Electricity Authority, is aimed at encouraging renewable energy micro-generation in the home.

Customers who install such equipment will be able to enter into a feed-in agreement with the GEA whereby all the units of electricity fed into the network will be credited to the customer’s electricity bill.

The Minister responsible for the Environment and Energy, John Cortes commented, “Our fast improving electricity network can now take energy fed in by customers, and this amendment to the law, once taken through Parliament, will allow individual consumers to be producers as well, and to get electricity credits for any power that they feed in. This will result in savings to the consumer and also in reducing the emissions and carbon footprint of Gibraltar. Together with the new gas-fired power station next year, and a number of other initiatives planned, we are totally changing the nature of power generation in Gibraltar towards a cleaner, healthier future, and now with the potential participation of many individual citizens. How far we have come in six short years.”