The Government can confirm that the Island Games Committee purchased furniture and fittings for use in The Walks and Trafalgar Heights at Europa Point in order to accommodate athletes during the Games.

These properties were managed and the equipment supplied by two Gibraltar companies who provided the Committee with the most competitive tender bids.

These goods were never the property of the Government. They were the property of the Island Games Committee throughout.

On conclusion of the Games, and in order to sell the properties to prospective purchasers, they needed to be cleared of furniture and equipment.

The Island Games Committee received two quotations for this. One from the supplier of equipment who proposed a charge for its removal, and another from a third party who instead proposed to pay the Committee, clear the properties and sell the surplus equipment.

It is important to note that the original cost of the furniture and equipment has since been recovered by Island Games Committee through the daily charge that was levied to athletes for the accommodation.

Some furniture and equipment has been supplied at no cost to the University, to schools and to some charities.