Looking for a fun activity? Grab your friends and family and head down to Rock Escape Rooms, where your mental skills and deftness will be tested to their limits.

5 minutes…

4 minutes…

Beads of sweat begin forming like condensation on a window. The clock’s menacing red digits drop down to ‘3:00’. As shaky hands finally spin a dial to the correct code, the heavy lock falls to the floor as chips, money, and a gold bar follow with a thud. Reaching into the darkness of the safe, clammy fingers wrap themselves around the next clue.

1 minute…

  Last month Rock Escape Rooms invited The Gibraltar Magazine to try their latest in a series of ‘escape rooms’. But what exactly is an escape room? Founded in 2007 by Takao Kato, the live escape room was created based on the concept of the ‘escape-the-room’ video games; a subgenre of the point-and-click adventure games. One themed room, a series of creative puzzles and riddles, and just 60 minutes to crack them.

Founded a year ago, Rock Escape Rooms arrived on the rock and hit the ground running – and they’re still gaining traction. What sets them apart from some other rooms you may have tried elsewhere is their original and unique storylines, created just for us here in Gibraltar.

The newest room to grace the Rock Escape hall of rooms is an innovative concept where you are essentially required to rob as much as you can from a casino within the allocated time of 60 minutes. To set the scene: you will be robbing the infamous Marian Atraco who has previous connections with the Mafia, and is known to be quite the unsavoury character. Working your way around the room, you must unearth clues to strategically complete a number of objectives within the allocated time, or risk being caught by the owner of the menacing voice that periodically sounds over the intercom. And if you manage to break into the vault and steal every last piece of loot in the game? Treat yourself by heading to the casino bar to claim your booty – a bottle of bubbly.

These rooms are a fantastic way to bring friends, family and even colleagues together. All you need is between 2-5 people, your thinking cap, and some patience. There’s no need to worry about physical exertion as the only strength you’ll need is mental, although you’re likely to break a sweat as the sands of time trickle away. Consider this activity your workout for the week! Our verdict? Exciting, theatrical, and entertainingly chaotic. But don’t just take our word for it; Rock Escape Rooms has accumulated some impressive reviews over the past year:

“Brilliant fun from start to finish – would highly recommend and would definitely go again!”

“Loved it! I’m now completely addicted to doing these rooms, so much fun and you never know what to expect.”

“Excellent story setting and challenging puzzles to test your brain and skill. Would highly recommend.”

Bring your best casino-robbing crack team – this one’s a doozy.

For more information and to book your room visit rockescaperooms.com or email rockescaperooms@gmail.com.