By Kerstin Andlaw

What is required to navigate the rapidly changing world we are living in?

Our world is changing constantly, now more than ever, and with the increased levels of connectivity the speed of change in our personal lives, our work, and the world we live in is more apparent to all of us.

From the direct effects of COVID-19, the knock-on effects to the economy, to the rapidly approaching future effects of bioengineering and biotechnology plus the changes to our climate and environment; we cannot rely on history to tell us how best to navigate all of this.

Fear and worry are affecting many, from governments and business’s to individuals.

Not knowing what the future will look like, but knowing that significant change is occurring, we need to focus on how best to adapt and actively direct this change.

Whether on a business level, personal level, government or global level, the skills required to utilise this change as an opportunity for a greater future lay present in each of us.

“Human beings do not succeed in isolation; we are at our best when working together.”

The skills to navigate change first come from acknowledging our own ignorance and allowing ourselves to be comfortable with not knowing – this is the foundation to experience change positively.

Becoming aware to what we pay attention to and take responsibility for how we experience is second.

Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity are skills that are fundamental to navigate change even more than knowledge and experience.

Critical Thinking

Is the ability to thinking outside our current model of the world, and outside our conditioned and current ways of working and living, the status quo. For this we need to put aside our preconceived ideas and bring curiosity to every aspect of life and work.

Whilst being broad in our view, looking at the bigger picture, and looking for positives and solutions within everything we encounter, we can stay aligned with ourselves and be open for new possibilities and ideas to arise.


Communication is 90% listening and 10% speaking. How often do we think of the answer whilst listening, or even before a conversation has even taken place?!

Perpetuating our own limited and ignorant view, instead of truly listening for something new, something useful, a different perspective or asking a question that focuses our attention on new possibilities is merely a habit that can be changed. When we listen beyond words we allow the expression of another to reverberate within us before responding, and allow space for new and greater understanding.

Understanding that each and everyone has their own limited view of the world, based on experiences, bias’s, conditioning, varying perceptions and perspectives, enables us to more fully connect and collaborate. And the same is true for being self-aware of our own limited views, bias’s, conditioning, perceptions and perspectives


The evolution of humanity was not an individual’s feat, but through collaboration and collective change has humanity evolved and progressed. Human beings do not succeed in isolation; we are interconnected and are at our best when working together.

Cavemen eventually realised that it was more effective to operate as a tribe to provide sustained safety, food and shelter. From there, humanity developed into what is now a complex system of interdependencies and connections that has enabled humanity to progress and live at a higher level.


Creativity requires space and action. Playfulness, asking questions and being open to not knowing and trying again and again creates a space for new ways to solving problems, implement solutions and develop new strategies.

An environment conducive to creativity is one of trust, focused on possibilities and taking action without attachment to the outcome.

Cultivating critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity increases our ability to learn new things and maintain our mental balance, I call this stepping up and leading from within.

Through awareness we can take responsibility of how we show up in the world and understand our deep drivers, our purpose and values. This enables us to make better choices that are less influenced by conditioning, beliefs and stories to navigate change effectively.

We can then stay connected to who we are, our core values and a future with all its possibilities, at which point innovating and re-inventing ourselves, business’s and society becomes effortless.

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