RG soldier comes out on top


ROYAL Gibraltar Regiment soldier LCpl Tal William Lamb recently strengthened the relationship between the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and the Royal Marines when he attended the All Arms Commando Course (AACC) in Lympstone.  Not only did he pass the Course but he came top of the cadre.

CTCRM is the main training centre for the Royal Marines and is also known for delivering the internationally acclaimed AACC.

With elements still unchanged since the first course, run in 1942, the AACC has the reputation of being one of the most gruelling and tough courses run in the Armed Forces.  Lasting 13 weeks, the course prepares personnel to serve with 3 Commando Brigade, giving them the right to the Green Beret and to wear the Commando dagger on their sleeve.

But to get there, candidates need to pass a series of Commando tests, such as a 6-mile endurance course, a 9-mile speed march, an assault course, a 30-miler navigation tab, and a series of torturous field exercises that puts your resistance to being cold, wet and tired to the test.

To prepare for the course, LCpl Lamb trained extremely hard for weeks leading up to the deployment.  LCpl Lamb said: “The course was long and arduous, very cold and wet.  It was one of the coldest winters in a long time. The course was very taxing, physically and mentally.”  He added: “The way people should prepare for the course is to go with the right frame of mind, remaining focused and never trying to take shortcuts. They need to be on top of their basic military skills and perform them to a very high standard. They also need to make sure their physical fitness and endurance is at a very high level. The most important areas to train for the course would be upper body strength and moving long distances with heavy weight. All the hard work pays off and you have a great sense of achievement when you are awarded the Green Beret.”

Passing the course will allow LCpl Lamb not only to bridge a connection between the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and the visiting Commando units but to attach himself to a Commando unit in the future and open his career to a whole new experience.

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment prides itself on the high quality of its Infanteers.

Having soldiers undertake the AACC will increase this quality and open up new opportunities for the Regiment.