The seasonal flu vaccine will be available from Monday 9th October at the Primary Care Centre (Blood Clinic).

Recommended for all persons aged 60 years or over and all persons aged between 6 months and 60years, who suffer from diseases that put them at high risk, including:
• a chest complaint or breathing difficulties, including bronchitis and emphysema
• a heart , kidney or liver disease
• neurological conditions ( multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy)
• stroke or a transient ischaemic attack
• diabetes
• immuno suppressive conditions such as HIV
• individuals with lowered immunity due to disease or treatment, such as
cancer treatment, a problem with the spleen (e.g. sickle cell disease) or
individuals who have had their spleen removed
• pregnant women
• all front line health (doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists) or social
care workers, such as Care Agency employees
• main carers of an older or disabled person
• individuals who are handlers of live animals and birds (GONHS staff veterinary staff and bird handlers)

Individuals who have previously received the vaccine should collect their numbered tickets from 1:00pm to 3:30pm outside the blood clinic at the PCC.

The vaccines will be administered between 2pm and 4pm on weekdays.

Individuals who have NOT previously received the vaccine should make an appointment with their GP to be referred to the vaccination clinic.