Pro-Choice Abortion Meeting

Last Friday morning representatives from Together Gibraltar, Choice Gibraltar, and the Secular Humanist Society Gibraltar met with the Chief Minister regarding reproductive rights and the thoughts on the pro-choice side of the matter.

The Chief Minister gave assurances that the legal element of tackling the issue will be relatively straightforward. With the consultation process already effectively underway, it is clearly a debate that the Chief Minister has taken time to listen to and research intently.

We can be confident that our comprehensive joint proposals ranging from integration into the public healthcare system to counselling and support will be seriously considered as the consultation progresses.

While the Chief Minister rightly identifies the unconstitutional nature of abortion laws, not just in our constitution but by UK and EU standards, it should not take anything away from the many members of the public who have given prominence to this issue.

It is fitting that a democracy is open to discussion, be they divisive matters or not. Credit must be given to the civil society movements and unions who deepen our democracy when they prioritise discussion.

This issue has been a uniting platform for progressive people in Gibraltar. The abortion debate is one of the several topics that have needed addressing regarding the advancement of civil rights, women’s rights, and gender equality.

We look forward to that unity influencing more areas of public policy, particularly given that our involvement in this issue has brought about change after months of grassroots pressure. It is time to build on this achievement to present a wholesome progressive vision for Gibraltar.