By Denise Matthews


The challenges posed by the current health crisis around the world have shone the spotlight on the inability of some of the systems in place to cope with a pandemic like Covid-19. Blockchain technology is one of the industries that has actively provided solutions to some major issues faced in the supply and demand of medical products, for example, but there are many more. The online and mobile payment platform Alipay, part of Alibaba Group, created a blockchain-based solution to assist charitable organisations track donations of relief supplies efficiently and transparently.

This has motivated two of the most experienced companies in this field, Indorse and Coinsilium to come together and organise the Post Covid Hack 2020, a global online blockchain hackathon where teams worldwide will create open solutions to overcome the health, economic, social and privacy challenges of the post-Covid19 era.

They have conducted a series of large and successful online hackathons for Dell, Rolls Royce and Grab.

Coinsilium relocated core operations from London to Gibraltar in March 2019 identifying the jurisdiction as one of the most developed in the regulation and licensing of companies using Distributed Ledger Technology.

Bringing the global blockchain community together since its inception, Coinsilium, the listed London-based investor, is one of the most well-connected institutions in the blockchain industry. The team at Coinsilium also has deep experience in organising and conducting successful Bitcoin and Blockchain events over the years.

Indorse, along with their partners have conducted a series of large and successful online hackathons for Dell, Rolls Royce and Grab amongst others. A pillar of the blockchain community in Singapore since its early days, they bring unique experience and perspective in conducting online hackathons and attracting teams and talents from within the global blockchain community. Indorse is well known for its global community of expert blockchain developers. These experts will act as evaluators to help review and identify the most promising projects.

They have also been active on the Gibraltar scene with their CEO Gaurang Torvekar participating in the Startup Grind panel discussion on ‘Blockchain Technology and Opportunity for Gibraltar’ hosted by Coinsilium in January. The Indorse team were also selected as an exhibiting ‘Growth Startup’ at the San Francisco Global conference this year after being recommended by the local chapter.

The Post Covid Hack is a global initiative and is looking to unite approximately 200 participants from around the world. Together they will seek to attract high-quality teams and talent, with an emphasis on hidden teams and talents.

Some of the areas in which the Post Covid Hack can make a difference are enabling financial inclusion and helping reduce the digital divide, promoting diversity in the tech community and creating inclusive identity systems. One of the main hackathon tracks, Financial Inclusion, is led by IIOVlabs, a Gibraltar-registered blockchain company focused on developing various implementations of the RSK Blockchain and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF).

“We are delighted to be part of this initiative as enabling financial inclusion through our platforms is our mission. We really hope that coming together as a community to the service of humanity throughout these challenging times in order to foster creative solutions based on blockchain and RSK technologies will help make a difference”, said Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, IOVlabs CEO.Locally on the 19th June, the Gibraltar Government launched the contact tracing app ‘BEAT Covid Gibraltar’. Contact tracing is another important part of a public health response to the COVID-19 virus and provides valuable support to the work in fighting the virus. One of the major concerns of the use of this type of app is personal data collection, in this case remaining completely anonymous.

Albert Isola, Minister for Digital and Financial Services said at the time of the launch, “The app is designed with your privacy in mind. This means that the app will not process any location data or any other information about you or your contacts. In our fight against this virus, it is essential that people support our efforts by downloading the app. The more people that download the app, the more effective it will be.”

As the local Government continues to successfully provide Gibraltar with the resources and solutions to respond to the health crisis, the World Health Organisation congratulated local officials adding a great deal could be learned from their approach.

Using Blockchain technology to further these efforts through supporting the Post Covid Hack, HMGoG’s Gibraltar Finance is the official government partner. This is a great opportunity to unite with leading blockchain companies and builders to fight the post-Covid risks and work towards building a better future.

The first online events for the hackathon’s track partners will start end of July 2020. The official launch date of the Post Covid Hack is August 10th. For more information visit www.postcovidhack.com.

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