A new Gibraltarian social media group has emerged to challenge local powerhouse Facebook groups ‘Speak Freely’, ‘Llanito Politics’ and ‘Gibraltar Politics’ as an alternative voice for the community.

The ‘Positive Vibes’ Facebook group will act as a counterbalance to the status quo in local social media that ‘focuses primarily on negative subjects’ around the Rock.

Over 2,000 members signed up to the popular group in the first three weeks and it is gaining a reputation as the new ‘feel-good’ place to socialise online.

“Basically, there was so much negativity going on in local Facebook groups despite the fact that we are extremely privileged on the Rock,” said Jock Alan Stevenson, the creator of the group. “My missus was in Ghana and they have nothing over there, but however little they have, they will still share it with you. We always focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do, not just here, but all over the world to be honest.”

Jock said he was shocked at how quickly the local community jumped on the bandwagon to support the idea and spread the word.

The posts on the group’s wall range from memorable quotes, charity events and personal success stories to funny, light-hearted videos.

“People want to be happy and make others happy. There are some really good people out there. It gives you faith in humanity when you see so many people posting fantastically uplifting stories or themes. Negativity breeds negatively, so positivity can also breed positivity. It’s infectious in a good way and it really makes my day when I log in to Facebook and see such positive vibes.”