Recipe by The Gibraltar Vegan, follow http://www.instagram.com/thegibraltarvegan for updates


  • 500g whole-wheat pasta
  • 300g frozen peas
  • 20 cherry tomatoes
  • 120g vegan pesto (if you can’t make homemade then the brand  Zest is a great alternative)


1. Boil the pasta, when cooked strain the water away and rinse it under the cold water tap

2. Cook the Petit Pois and cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

3. Stir the peas,, pesto and cherry tomatoes in with the pasta.

4. Keep refrigerated when possible, but it does not need to be refrigerated while the children are in school.

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Vegan since 2015, she is a lover of food and loves to try out new dishes, be it at home or dining out. This passion for creating new dishes led her to invent easy, tasty recipes that anyone can try, and that are now shared with The Gibraltar Magazine readers. Her gnocchi pesto dish is a firm favourite with everyone who has tried it. She loves opening her cupboard, and like an artist who mixes their paints to create new colours, she likes to combine, add and marry up foods with each other to create new dishes. Her mother used to say to her “You have to eat your mistakes”, luckily she said she doesn’t make too many but they are always eaten.