Pedestrian Signage along Waterport Road

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The Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning is pleased to announce, in keeping with the recommendations of the Sustainable Traffic, Transport & Parking Plan (STTPP), several pedestrian signage improvements along the area of Waterport Road.

Pedestrian signs are known to be important in certain areas so as to increase safety by channeling people through the correct pedestrian routes. The purpose of erecting signage is to guide and assist tourists walking to and from the Port and Cruise Liner Terminal.

At present it is known that some pedestrians that arrive via the cruise terminal may occasionally and unknowingly cross along North Mole Road and Waterport Road at inappropriate and dangerous locations when walking from the Port to our City Centre and on return to the Cruise Terminal to board their respective cruise liners. Walking signs have been erected at the Pelican Crossings along this busy pedestrian thoroughfare on both sides of the road, so as to guide people walking along this route.

These improvements form part of the sustainable travel initiatives to promote walking around Gibraltar. The extensive review of our pedestrian routes suggests that our program for the implementation of walking signs will further develop our pedestrian routes. Walking time signs will also in due course be implemented at key locations showing approximate route times. This aims to enhance our pedestrian environment so it is efficient, user friendly and safe and makes key destinations known to pedestrians that are unfamiliar of their surrounding areas.

The Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, The Hon Paul Balban, said: “I am delighted to see the introduction of these much needed pedestrian improvements along North Mole and Waterport Road. This will improve the general pedestrian experience, especially for visiting pedestrians who walk into our City Centre.”